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Nama Sotai 04

Tight Onahole by A-One
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Product Type: Tight Onahole

Tight male masturbator

The Nama Sotai onahole series by the popular japanese adult toy maker A-One has been popular every since the 01 model launched. The Nama Sotai 04 onahole is a tight type male masturbator. It offers the experience of sex with a very slender women, with a tight pussy which tightens around your best friend the moment you slide in. On the inside you are stimulated in addition to the tightness with little ribs and dots. The Vagina lips are beautifully pink colored and are made by another material for a more realistic feeling. It is nice to play with them and adds some great realism to it. The Nama Sotao 04 comes with a big 120ml bottle of lube for free.

The Nama Sotai 04 onahole by A-One features
  • Tight male sex toy
  • Dual layer male masturbator made by A-One
  • comes with a great bottle of 120ml lube
  • onahole weight about 510 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 155x85mm


1 Customer Reviews for Nama Sotai 04

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by wkp November 15, 2019
Good alternative to NPG meiki

This time I decided to try Nama Sotai 3 and 4. As No.3 and No.4 has very different concept line slap to them. The concept for No.3 is "Soft and Loose" like in experienced women. And concept for No.4 is "Tight" like in maiden in development, per their advertisement image.

No4 came in white hard box. The box is well designed and similar to Japanese gift/snack box. (You cannot knock it down flat without cutting). If you were to remove the front label and stuff Japanese snacks, wrap it and give it to your friend, your friend could have believe that it is real snack box! Joke aside, the artwork on the box emphasis woman's anatomy in various angle or cross section. Cool, if you ask me, as most products use anime character for their boxes. 120 ml lube is big, but I already have my favorite lube so it has to go back to shelf.

Usage review:
No.4 has compression as advertised, but not as much as in another extreme products, which is good for me as I'm quite soft type lover, It is slightly hard to enter at first (the entrance is round and only several millimeters). But once you are in, it is smooth ride. No sand paper feeling, no pushing out, no too strong choking to your boy, also with good air tight. A little complain here would be smell, it is quite strong but not deadly, if you fap for 30 minutes in closed room, your room will be filled with its odor.

Having owned over 30+ holes, I could tell that it is a good premium sized hole (500g) -10$ cheaper than Meiki but almost as same cost performance. Underrated, and could rivaled NPG Meiki series. Me as soft type lover, unbelievably enjoyed it. It should be cool for typical user as well.

Overall 8/10
(- Minus little bit hard to enter, strong odor)

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