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Mero Mero Frog Onahole

by Toys Love
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Available on otonaJP since: 2016 February 6
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 400 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 156x125x78mm


17 Customer Reviews for Mero Mero Frog Onahole

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by L May 14, 2019
Don't Frogs Inseminate Externally?

I would say it's probably one of the best onaholes I've had so far. Don't let the ugly warty toad aesthetic fool you. The inside is really nice, but you only need like a few drops of some thick lube to really enjoy it. It's got a nice weight while being soft too so it's mostly not flimsy like other holes.

Downside, there is a fork in the road so don't go too rough. Also, be very careful not to go too rough on the ends because you can risk ballooning out and poking a hole through if you go at it like some sort of hip.
But other than that, it's pretty solid. Worth every penny.

by goy March 29, 2019
good times on the cheap

I got this for 1850 JPY months back. Not as nice a deal at 2100 JPY but still a good buy. The entrance and sides are solid, but the back walls not so much. Nice heft to it. It provides good stimulation, and can vary depending on orientation. It holds lube well but requires extra effort when cleaning and drying. Not much of a factory smell and doesn't get too sticky. Grab one if you're curious or want a nice toy for relatively low price.

by Orange September 5, 2018
A frog is good too

Bad memes aside, this baby is well built and packs an amazingly grotesque exterior that hides a rollercoaster of sensation on the inside. I want to emphasise on how utterly durable this item is and how much I appreciate it for being built like an abrams tank- stuff tears for me easily and it accomodated my girth without a problem. It's a little strong sensation wise, so maybe a thicker lube is a nice complement for this hole.

Did I mention how reasonably priced it is?

I'd definitely recommend this, especially to newbies since it ticks off a bunch of things that can go wrong easy: it's tough, easy to clean and really, really, realllllly nice to use.

by SeedmonsterX July 6, 2018

As you can see from the other reviews it is a smashingly great onahole. They've pretty much summed it all up. A bonus is that it can stand upright which can be helpful at times.

by Usagii March 13, 2018
Very good value!

I got this onahole a while back, and the first thing i noticed was the size. So big! I did not expect that taking the price into consideration. The art on the packing is really nice if you like things out of the ordinary.

The onahole itself is just as "weird" (but still sexy!). At first it looks like some monster or alien species, but when you try it, it will suck you in and never let go. The pleasure is amazing, and the two chambers makes it feel even better. I loved the feeling of sliding between the chambers and feel the internals rub onto me.

I've been using this so much, and it's still in good condition. I didn't really find it difficult to clean. Just pull the onahole inside-out, and it'll be clean in no time.

by Eduard February 7, 2018
I also love the Box Art

This is so lewd!
I had some other Onaholes before and can say that this one is for sure worth it. The stimulation is good for me (especially the chamber with the "ring formed holes" does a nice job.

Cleaning: GIT GUD! I need max 5 minutes for proper cleaning.

by A December 19, 2017
If you like full onaholes, this is a good buy

If you have a thing for asui/tsuyu/froppy from my hero academia, then this might be the onahole for you. The onahole was bigger than I expected, though it isn't a bad thing (or okay, maybe a little if you're not long enough to reach the finish line). Personally, I think if they made a parody onahole of her on the box, it would probably sell better but maybe also incur the wrath of someone and possibly end in a lawsuit of some sort.
I had the box removed since Canada doesn't like explicit art, especially when the "cartoons" are "not of legal age/do not look legal/some other bs" at the customs (my poor boxart T^T ). Without the art to comfort my soul, the exterior of the onahole does look slightly off-putting.
The hole itself is not super tight but it is full, that is to say your member has no space where there isn't contact/stimulation. The two holes offer different sensations, and overall is quite good but annoying when drying.
It is easy to wash and dry, though the flaps kind of get in the way.
Good buy overall.

by banzai September 20, 2017
Best onahole ever

I decided to buy this onahole based on a couple of reviews.
The onahole is bigger than expected. Mero Mero Frog is still strong after 30 uses. This is an onahole that does not break easily if ever. The onahole has an interesting look at the outside. The inside has loads of nubs, markings and 2 end chambers. The feeling that you get from this onahole is very special(intense). The nubs are felt even stronger if you flip the onahole.This makes other onaholes feel dull. I bought loads of other onaholes after MERO MERO FROG and this thing can't be beaten. I have given up and bought 2 extra Mero Mero Frog Onaholes. Building a small army of pleasure. Get this one before it's out of stock!

+durable(even after 30 uses)
+flip onahole for stronger pleasure
+loads of knubs, bends etc.
+pattern on the outside makes the onahole very grippy
+one of a kind
-bit harder to clean
-once you go frog you never want anything else

by Anon March 21, 2017
Good solid onahole for a very good price

+ Tight

+ Nice simulation and feeling

+ Really durable

+ A very good price for such a thing (400 grams and 20 ml lube)

- Design can be disgusting for some people such as me

- Lack of simulation , especially when the box shows everything close and shiny so you expect much more of it (for me personally)

- You can not really feel the difference with your penis between the 2 tunels and even sadly, you cant control in which it will go so sometimes it will just crush at the middle.

by Arthur December 25, 2016
Unexpectedly good for the price

Great stimulation along the whole tunnel. Only con I can think of is a thin rear, gotta watch out not to pierce it when you do your business.

by Alexandre December 12, 2016
Be carefull this toy can turn you Frogophile XD

Mero Mero Frog is a good onahole to me. Firm and not really tight
The inner molding give a good sensation. Bumps in the middle and the two end chambers give different sensation if turn the toy.
Those two end chamber provide a good vaccum.
The weight and the thick material of that toy are plus to me.
Cleaning this onahole is easy ( i did't flip the inside out like for dual layer) two end chember need more time to clean than one but no big deal here.
The material seems pretty durable more the a month of use and it's good as new.
The outside get sticky pretty fast ( easily fix whith talcum powder )
For a onahole under 2000yens it's a very good investment.

by Alex December 6, 2016
Be carefull this toy can turn you Frogophile XD

A very good onahole! The inside is pretty amazing. This give a lot of sensation, the two end chamber give a decent suction. The weight is a plus too.
The two chamber make the cleaning maybe a bit more complicated than other toys (bot nothing too worrie about).
The outside wil need talk powder ( like every onahole but this one maybe more often).

Conclusion: Good stimulation, Good weight, Very cheap (According to other reniew go for it without second thought).
#I love my Mero Mero Frog !

by Ahams September 4, 2016
Outstanding for the price :)

This onahole is my first real onahole, from a legit Japan seller. The feel of this product, looks and feels absolutely great. I have never in my life tried something so abstract looking while it still being very good on the inside. I can not recommend this product enough! If you are new to onaholes, then this one should be everyones first :D

by Vendeen July 30, 2016
Feels good but the quality is fluctuating

It started flaking while using it for the first time and it felt really flimsy. I managed to pop out at the end after repeated usage.

A friend of mine has the same one and no problems thus far so i guess the quality differs from batch to batch. It still felt really good while it lasted and i managed to kind of repair it. It was still worth the full price i paid back then.

by Some Guy July 13, 2016

Feels amazing! One of the best onahole I own!

by Lu ka June 14, 2016

The lotion included is the only bad point it has great sensation and dosen't spill a drop

by LU ka June 14, 2016
A but not a plus

Sturdy and it dose not spill a drop

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