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Minami San Sensational Huge Ass

Double Hole Onahole by KMP
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Product Type: Double Hole Onahole, Hip Onahole

Huge Hip male masturbator based on the Doujinshi Minami San Sensational

The Minami-San Sensational Huge Ass Onahole is a double-holed hip masturbator by KMP Japan. It's based on the erotic doujinshi (popular amateur) manga series called Minami-San Sensational. And, faithful to the manga, the voluptuous Minami-San's ass is huge and an absolute joy to behold. With an inner bone structure for stability and two highly-stimulating penetrable tunnels that offer different sensations, this sex toy was made for pure masturbation fun. Whether you're a fan of the manga series, or just looking for a high-quality hip masturbator, both of Minami-San's tight holes will provide you with hours of hentai fun. Additional the Box of the Minami San Sensational Huge Ass comes with nice artworks from the Manga itself.

The Minami-San Sensational Huge Ass Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Hip Male Masturbator by KMP
  • Based on the Doujinshi Minami San Sensational
  • Penetrable Vaginal & Anal Holes
  • Dual-Layer Design
  • Inner 'Bone' Structure
  • Complimentary Lubricant
  • Weight: 6500 Grams
  • Dimensions: 360 x 165 x 280 mm


3 Customer Reviews for Minami San Sensational Huge Ass

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by Anon September 7, 2020
More than I expected

First of all the size of this product is huge, if you don't have a proper place to store it or clean it I would stray away from it. If you're looking for a realistically sized toy, this is it. The quality of this product is definitely worth the price, there's no smell or weird stuff that usually comes with things on the cheaper end. The butt jiggle does leave more to be desired but overall it's still a great product in the end. The product is a little pricey but is worth every penny if you're investing in it.

by Classified August 18, 2020
Alright but not for me

I bought the Breasts based off the same character and i don't regret it one bit but with the ass i expected more.

This product is of good quality no doubt but if you're expecting a nice bouncy ass this ain't it chief. Since it was based on the same character as the breasts which i bought from OtonaJP i had high expectations and while this is really good quality i was expecting an ass more akin to the hentai character and so this is probably my only purchase that i regret making but that's of no fault of OtonaJP or the manufacturer i should've done more research although it would be appreciated if they would add videos which would showcase products more. Anyway i'm going on a tangent, If you want a more realistic proportioned ass with not alot of jiggle that is good quality i would recommend this but if you want a more hentai proportioned ass as i did then maybe look elsewhere.

by SquishyFun January 24, 2020
Feels Great but lacks jiggle

The toy is made beautifully with nice details. and it feels great. The ass cheeks are a bit firm and they don't bounce when you are using it. That would be my only criticism of it. I just wish the ass cheeks were bigger and had better jiggle. Everything else is fantastic.

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