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Nagisa Ikuno Debut! Reality Virgin

Torso Onahole by Nagisa Ikuno Project
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Maker Nagisa Ikuno ProjectSimulation VaginalFantasy Idol, VirginHole Design Open Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 1300g (2.87lbs)Length/Height 230mm (9.06in)Width 125mm (4.92in)Lotion included Yes Release Sep 5, 2022Product Type Torso Onahole

User Reviews

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  • | 4/27/2023

    not the biggest fan...

    im not very fond of this one. it can get me to finish but its just not very enjoyable. for one thing its not NEARLY tight enough to be considered a virgin hole, it feels more like it could be a milf hole if anything. the only part of it thats even remotely tight is the entrance, which at least does a good job of keeping me hard and keeping the lube in. the rest of it is just super loose and not even stimulating, i can hardly feel anything other than the entrance part. im also not that big of a fan of the open hole type. i get that its to make cleanup easier, but of you have a douche nozzle for washing you dont have to worry about that. now with closed hole types, when youre not using them you can just leave them upside down, and youre good. nothing will get out. with open holes though, you gotta rest it on its back and put some toilet paper on both ends so no lube or other stuff will leak out while its heating up, or youre coming down after finishing. its just such a hassle to prevent this thing from making a gigantic mess whenever youre not using it. it is made of some very durable material and i will still be holding onto it as my backup hole, but not as my primary by any means

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  • | 11/29/2022

    6 Stars.

    I can't shill this one hard enough. Buy this and it will replace every toy in your collection. Material is durable and odorless on the outside and soft yet extremely textured on the inside. The hole at the top makes it extremely easy to clean. Whether its long or short sessions this one is an 11/10. The body being this stiff without a skeleton is black magic. Oh and the box art & hcomic is pretty.

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