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Nakadashi Orgasm Mihara Honoka

by NPG
Brand NPG
Product Weight (without the package): 610 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 165x90mm
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User Reviews

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  • | 3/2/2021

    Tight and Intense!

    The Nakadashi Orgasm Mihara Honoka Meiki although being older in the NPG line up is a fantastic Meiki that is tight and stimulating. It comes at a nice and handy size while providing a nice experience that is lasting and stimulating. NPG has gone all out in designing this and has truly made an Orgasmic experience. Definitely worth the money as it is made from high quality materials and while due care this can last a lifetime!

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  • | 3/16/2019


    Nakadashi Orgasm Mihara Honoka is premium, middle-sized (600g) class from NPG. Its main gimmick is lots of bumpy and gate. I owned Meiki 06,07,wooden-box and dozens of holes from other brand, this one's hardness is harder than Meiki 0607 for sure, gimmick feeling is close to lolinco where it has many gates along the way. Since I'm soft user and not the fan of gate type unless it is very soft, I decided to early retire it after tried it twice. Feeling: ★★★☆☆ Hardness: 4/10 (moderate) Odor: Small, smell like play-doh Stickiness: Small, not a problem Final: I'm soft toy lover. This one although appear soft, but is a bit too hard for me, combining with gates feeling, it hurts. It might be fine for normal/hard users.

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  • | 7/7/2018

    Realistic feelings

    One of the best onaholes in my collection. It is rather big but it gives even more natural feelings. This two-layer toy due to its realistic internal shape gives so gentle orgasms that you want to use it again and again. Recommended for those who value good quality.

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  • | 7/4/2018

    Really nice

    It is the first time for me to try using masturbator. It gives me a lot of excitement when using it. Definitely recommened.

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  • | 5/18/2018


    This is by far the best toy I have bought. The super soft feel of the product is very enjoyable and the orgasm is great.

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