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Onaho Heating System USB 2.0

by G Project
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A new generation of Onahole USB Heaters has arrived. The Onaho Heating System USB 2.0 is heating up your Onahole or Masturbator better than anything ever available before. The USB Cable is detachable and the Onaho Heating System 2.0 is completely water proof and has even a mobile battery. The long size with over 18cm makes it easy to evenly heat up even large Onaholes, Hips and Dolls.

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 April 14
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 22 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. length 182x8mm


13 Customer Reviews for Onaho Heating System USB 2.0

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by Ceruru August 22, 2020
Could be faster, but its good, and you should have it

It does it's job so I have not complains, and this type of items are essencials to have a good experience
In the other reviews everyone says that you need to use lube on it, so I do that and take about 10-20 min to warm up, so it's good.
And i've seen that the other warmers have the cable attached, so thats has a pro over those ones.

by Bear July 8, 2020
I recommend it

It works really well. I use it every day you have to use lube to heat it up I don't know if people know that

by [Classified] June 27, 2020
Never worked

I got this more expensive one cause i wanted one that worked but this never even turned on, tried it for a few time for more than 30 minutes but didn't feel any heat and from multiple different power sources also. I might be in the minority here but mine didn't work at all and i'm kinda pissed.

by Lofi September 17, 2019
Best warmer I've used yet

This warms up faster, is more durable, and has more usable length than the Rends version. The extra cost is very much worth it. The detachable usb cable is a huge plus and allows for a lot of convenience. It's long enough to warm some of the longer onaholes I had and warms up very nice and even. The biggest problem I had with the Rends warmers is that the cap where the cable is connected would come off and pull the warming element right out with it due to lube loosening it. The one doesn't have that problem. Also something to note...the box advertises "mobile battery" on the side but this doesn't mean it has a battery integrated, it means that you can use this device with a usb battery pack for mobile warming away from a computer or a outlet (which were the other two advertised methods of power source). Not sure why they didn't just say that, but it is confusing/misleading due to loan word meaning in Japanese.

by The Judge September 8, 2019
Expensive but very good compared to other products!

Heats good an onahole in 15 mins with air conditioner on, heats the whole rod perfectly, not like other products.. But to wait 15 mins is a little long, I wish there was something stronger with own power supply because USB output is just 500mA 2.5W, very weak for a heater generally.

by Phil April 22, 2019
Well it works?

Honestly, I like the idea of beeing able to warm up your onahole. But maybe I´m stupid or the heater is broken, but it takes 20-30min to really warm the onahole up. I rarely use it because it takes to long and I fear that I´ll forget it one day, burn up my onahole and the house with it.
What I like to use it for is as a Dildo in the ass, cause the warmth transfers way faster and feels kinda stimulating in there

by Borja Moisés March 29, 2019

+ Detachable cable
+ warms quickly
+ good quality
- price is a bit higher.
- starts heating up from the bottom and top

by Tofu January 28, 2019
Good Quality Product

The product works great in warming all of my onaholes!

So far it has lasted far longer and is more reliable then the Rends usb warmer.

The detachable cable is great allowing for replacement if necessary and a possibility of a longer cable.

The cap however is untrustworthy, never seeming to create a good seal. As others have wrote, I don't recommend submerging in water. It does give me some confidence when just rinsing the outside of the warmer as the cap seems to protect it from random splashes of water.

The product description is slightly misleading. It states it has a mobile battery, but I am unsure of its use. As far as I can tell, it does not heat up unless the warmer is plugged in.

Overall, if you like warm onaholes, this is a good buy, it is dependable and the product lasts.

by Anonymous December 27, 2018
Good warmer

This warmer was supposed to replace my previous one which still works but doesn't have a detachable cable, is shorter and warms up slightly slower.

I like the detachable micro USB cable although by now Type C would be more appropriate.
The increased length unfortunately doesn't play in my favor since my onaholes are on the small side and the warmer starts heating up from the "bottom" (where the cable is connected). Therefore, it's not much faster than my previous one even though I can feel it heating up quickly at the bottom.
There's a rubber plug to cover the connector but it barely stays in place and while it may seem water-proof at first, I would definitely not recommend submerging it in water.

by Mr B December 2, 2018
Really good for the price

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this warmer is the fact that it has a detachable usb cable, it seems that’s the biggest weak point of warmers. As long as you take proper care of it, it should last a long time. The texture is also quite nice, it also comes with a usb cable, in case you don’t have usb to micro usb 2.0.

A warning to first time users.
You must be careful not to leave it inside too long, it happened once to me. I left it too long and it onahole got a damaged due to that. I would say no more than 30-40 mins with some occasional checking. That aside, you must find that sweet spot, so as to not damage your onahole, but still get a nice and comfortable warm feeling inside.

All in all though, I would highly recommend this warmer over the cheaper ones, it’s defintely worth that little extra money for what you get.

by Maru April 1, 2018

Warmer does the job great. It feels sturdy and warms reasonably fast. It is a bit pricey though

by Mars February 17, 2018
Best warmer I've used

I've used 3 other warmers and this is the best one. You really seem to get what you pay for.

The outer shell is made of a non-brittle plastic with a nice soft finish to it. It's long enough that it never has a problem reaching all the way inside.

On one end there's the red cap that's supposed to protect the USB port. I wouldn't trust it enough to submerge that end but it works great when just rinsing. If the cap is open there's a risk of it detaching but it's easy to put back.

Now, unlike most heaters this one has a detachable cable.
The cable is often a weak point. It's often too short and stress/bending on the cable can cause the thing to die.
This warmer doesn't have that issue. The included cable isn't too shabby and USB A to micro B cables are sold everywhere if you want a new or longer one.

When it comes to heating it works fairly quickly. I've found that it can handle a 2 Amp current well (like from a modern phone charger) and it can halve the time it takes to heat stuff to a snugly temperature compared to the standard 0.5 Amps of some USB ports.
I tend to leave it in for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the toy and how hot I want it. I have left it longer, up to 30 minutes, and haven't noticed anything burning or melting.

Pros: Detachable cable, warms quickly, good quality - will probably last years
Cons: Price is a bit higher, cap end doesn't seem like it would be 100% water proof - just don't submerge that end and it'll be fine

by Goshujin-sama October 14, 2017
A bit confused, but overall I'm very happy with it!

I've owned a "Rends USB Onahole Warmer" for the longest time which recently stopped working and I decided to get a replacement. I saw this one and it seemed to be a step up from the Rends and while it definitely is of better quality, I am a bit confused as to it's features.

+ The sturdy detachable cable feels like it would run into less issues than cheaper warmers where the cable is fused directly into the heating unit. In general a sturdier construction and higher quality product.

+ Does the job just fine. If I am not mistaken it heats up a lot quicker than my old Rends, too.

- Does not work with the cable detached as expected. The product description that makes mention of "mobile battery" makes it sound as if you could charge it with the cable and then it would keep warming the hole even with the cable removed - this is not the case as it cools down quickly at that point.

Maybe I'm just missing something (as I don't read Japanese i don't understand the instructions on the box). But overall I am happy with the purchase as it seems like an upgrade over the cheaper warmers.

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