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Puni Ana 3D

Onahole by EXE
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The next generation of the hugely popular Puni Ana series. The 3D version offers all the good abilities of the large Puni Ana masturbators in a small and handy version. The rib cage and the double layer structure are making the experience much more real than most of masturbators and the bumpy inside with its realistic structure and vacuum will take you to the climax of your dreams.

Maker: EXESimulation: VaginalFantasy: VirginHole Design: Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction: Double LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: RegularNumber of Holes: 1Product Weight: 400g (0.88lbs)Length/Height: 145mm (5.71in)Width: 60mm (2.36in)Lotion included: Yes Release: Apr 24, 2016Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

22 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 4/29/2024

    Favorite and most used

    I'm average sized about 5.5 and this thing is my go-to onahole... seriously bummed it's discontinued. At least it's durable. The thing they could have done to make it better would be to have that cervix ending but other than that, this is the closest I can get to the feeling of my 'spdx' or 'real body 3d' which are full size dolls...

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  • | 10/28/2023


    I've seen some people say it's too tight but if that's what you're interested in then it's perfect. It starts off a little looser in the stomach area but once you hit the ribcage she starts clamping down hard. The plastic ribcage is a great addition and adds a lot of stiffness without making it impossible to clean. It's probably my favorite hole at the moment.

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  • | 3/21/2023

    too goddamned small!

    only one other reviewer has mentioned this but it needs to be reiterated: DON'T buy if you are any bigger than like 4 inches. The concept is great, durability and feeling all great, but me big dik american 6" literally wont fit more than 3/5 the way and gets crushed and pushed out instantly. if only it was like 25% bigger it would be my go to!! the ribcage idea is fucking great, EXE are the only ones doing it but there needs to be a large non-hip sized version similar to lolinco virgo but with ribtech, but not massive $200 hip like the SPDX. I would never buy any other onahole again if they made that. one can dream..

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  • | 12/4/2022

    Great Value, Great Durability, Amazing FUN!

    While this is my first onahole its not my first masturbator, BUT WOW has the puni ana 3d blown everything else i've used away! It's very nice feeling not too tight but definitely not loose either. The 3d bone structure is quite nice to feel while squeezing with your hand while inserted and also helps to keep its shape while going hands free. I've used it quite uh... vigorously over the past month and I'm kinda surprised just how well its held up, prety much zero defects! TIP: I highly recommend squeezing out the air once you've inserted by pushing down on the end at the ribcage part, this gives an incredible suction feeling and makes the toy 10x more stimulating.

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  • | 11/21/2022

    Satisfied purchase

    Despite being small, the ribcage is an excellent grip to compensate. It feels great and firm thanks to the structure. Would recommend, just if you are on the large side then it may be difficult getting deep.

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  • | 4/24/2022


    This one is great. the ribcage feature is great. Like really great. And the feel is amazing. Gripping the ribcage is so great when going hard as well. just be careful.

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  • | 3/5/2022

    not bad

    the ribcage gives it a unique feel. the suction is really great. the only downside to this that it's on the smaller side and there is not much detail in the tunnel so it is not as stimulating. overall I'd say it's a decent buy.

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  • | 12/5/2021

    It broke

    The rib cage definitely feels better than a regular hole but it broke after a few months of use.

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  • | 5/27/2021

    Pretty good

    Quite stimulating, but a bit of a pain to clean. In general, I think it is basically on par with the Puni Mitsu standard, but at a higher price. If you are looking for something I would go to that first. (Keep in mind this is one of the first onaholes I have bought)

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  • | 5/1/2021

    Tight and stimulating

    Though the material might be a bit hard, there's actually a decent suction going on inside the 3D. Odd enough, it's difficult to explain but sliding off is easier even though it's tight. The sensation inside the toy servers for a good long session, and the best part is the resistance on the end, as you'll find a very hard time trying to impale her if you prefer rough. You can go beast mode on this one but you'll get dry really quick.

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  • | 11/11/2020

    Smooth, Sturdy and Sensational

    This product IMO was one of the better buy for an onahole. It has great texture, visually appealing, and durability is pretty great. It also has great weight and has a rib cage built in to mimic the feel of a tiny body. I wish it had came with a bigger packet of lube/lotion but that would be asking too much because the lube/lotion was one of the best I had used.

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  • | 5/20/2018


    From the reviews i readed on this toy made me think it would be great be it was a massive let down it was not very tight it was a little hard to clean and the feeling was ok but nothing Special

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  • | 3/30/2018

    Ticklish but firm

    This is a dual layer onahole with above than average lenght of 175 mm that can accomodate most d's. The ribcage feature makes the whole thing firm enough to fap with one hand and the inner structure feels ticklish without being too soft. Perfect for long play. the only con is the smell of factory, but that goes away after a few uses. Recommended!

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  • | 3/17/2018

    A highly suggested toy to grab (literally)

    Feels amazing love the tight feeling and bone structure helps reinforces the tight sensation. However the one I got had not so solid material and created an air bubble when I used it (could be just mine though). Cleaning is not a problem with this one

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  • | 11/23/2017

    Possibly the best medium-sized hole on the market. Possibly.

    EXE does it again. Along with Magic Eyes, they're my favourite manifacturer. Known mostly for their loli artwork that both tantalize and terrify western otakus due to customs - and this one is no exception. Thankfully she is chibi enough for that to not be a concern. Bone structures inside of onaholes is something I have never seen outside of larger onahips before so I was intrigued by this lil' cutie and had to test her out - and boy, she does not disappoint! The "gimmick" works great, but there are several considerations one has to take as a result. As a complete package, it is the same awesome EXE quality/standards you find in their other products: delicious artwork and high-quality product. Mine looks exactly like the pictures and came with no production nicks or cuts as one might, sadly, find on onaholes. Feels amazing. Probably the best experience I've had with a medium-sized onahole - and I've tried plenty! As I said though, when using it there are some things to consider: you need a lot of lube, moreso than your average hole. This is due to the tightness of the "ribcage" part. Thankfully the extra squeeze leads to a sensation that does not get watered down by excess lube - quite the opposite. Secondly you have to be a very gentle lover. If you're planning on just using it with the same speed and ferocity as when you're just jacking off, you're inevitably going to break her or make the skeleton push out through the material if you force it hard enough. Or any other disastrous result. Again, due to the unique pressure/tightness, you won't have to be forceful as the sensations come naturally. Lastly, the entrance is tiiiiiny! It is so small that pushing my pinkie finger in there stretches it quite a bit. I was terrified that I was going to tear it up badly the first time I used it but the material seems to be of good quality that can handle the stretching without tearing. Applying extra lube to your dick first is recommended though - just to be safe. I also have no idea just how well the ribcage gimmick will hold up. Only time will tell. But the overall quality seems to be one that would hold up as long as you're being careful about it. TL; DR - A solid 5/5 from a quality manifacturer. The inner "rib cage" works very well, but also leads to certain considerations having to be taken when using it. I've no idea what people are going on about it being pricey - it is on cheap-to-average scale of a medium hole. To get one of this quality, with such a great gimmick, at this price is a steal.

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  • | 9/18/2017

    good for the price

    I only own 5 toys including this one, and this one is pretty great for the price. It's small, so if you're big you might want to find something else. The little rib cage helps keep it's shape and helps with sensation, something about bumping into it with my tip just feels good. Nice little body shape with itty bitty titties which I like. Kinda gets a stomach bulge while using if you guys are into stretch. I got a few big toys and a few little toys within the span of a month to try them out and this one is probably my second fav out of my 3 smaller toys. Cleaning is pretty easy, just use some mild soap and stick your fingers in her to open her up and just flush with water and pat dry with paper towel. Can definitely recommend for smaller or average size guys. Sensation is good for the price compared to other toys.

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  • | 4/13/2017


    Absolutely amazing. I ordered and used 2 others before this one. One of those two was another young girl hole and it doesn't grip you like this one does. Also when I was pulling myself out it just holds on like it doesn't want to let go. Glad I purchased this product. To the person claiming not being able to penetrate girth wise, I personally feel you're wrong. I'm above average and was inside with no issues first try. Great price as well.

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  • | 6/10/2016

    Great toy

    Feels amazing love the tight feeling and bone structure helps reenforces the tight sensation.

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  • | 6/7/2016

    Bone structure great!

    This is a soild feeling inahole the bone structure really reinforced a strong sensation. Another great thing is unlike most onaholes the bone structure makes it so you dont feel yourself when using it. Just a great tight onahole that really is hard to describe i would highly recommend and say its a must have for any onahole collection. I assume the bone structure will wear out over time but still well worth it for the price.

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  • | 5/23/2016

    Do not buy if you have anything bigger than a micropenis

    The ribcage seems good in theory, but if you are average or above in girth you aren't going to be able to penetrate the thing.

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  • | 5/18/2016

    Quality Luxuary Loli

    Greatly detailed loli body. Tiny boobs, closed vagina opening, and chubby belly altogether makes a cute scene. Durable material, however very smelly. Washing before use is recommended. The skeleton can get in the way of thrusting. Not as big as I expected. About a size of my hand. Good product but a price is higher than other products with similar values due to brand name.

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  • | 5/18/2016

    Quality Luxury

    Greatly detailed loli body. Tiny boobs, closed vagina opening, and chubby belly altogether makes a cute scene. Durable material, however very smelly. Washing before use is recommended. The skeleton can get in the way of thrusting. Not as big as I expected. About a size of my hand. Good product but a price is higher than other products with similar values due to brand name.

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