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Puni Virgin Hard

Hard Onahole by G Project
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Product Type: Hard Onahole

Hard male masturbator

The Puni Virgin Hard onahole has been developed in collaboration between two of the biggest adult toy makers in Japan, G-Project and Ride Japan. Puni Virgin Hard is the perfect combination between a hard material onahole and a genuine virgin sex experience. Made by the original developed Hard Touch Air material, the creators managed to make the Puni Virgin Hard both hard but also soft to touch and stretchable. For those looking to get into hard onaholes, the Puni Virgin Hard is without any doubt the best way to start. The inside has three different zones for stimulation. At the beginning we have a bigger chamber that nicely stimulates your glans when sliding in, going further in the middle we have two big bumps with dots on them which are guiding you to a much tighter end with thin ribs around it. The stimulation is very intense and diverse as we have so many different sensations in it. The Puni Virgin Hard onahole offers without a doubt a good and intense virgin sex experience.

The Puni Virgin Hard onahole by Ride & G Project features
  • hard male sex toy
  • genuine japanese adult toy made in collaboration between two of the biggest makers
  • strong and intense stimulation with a very durable design
  • original Hard Touch Air material
  • onahole weight about 282 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 135x70mm
  • comes with a free sample lube


1 Customer Reviews for Puni Virgin Hard

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by NAVIN March 10, 2019
Okay product

For its size and how compact it is. I love this product. For some it can be the best experience since the onahole has very good tightness and able to keep it tightness after multiple use.

For me the experience its average due to how tight the onahole is, long session can make your penis slightly numb and the back end of the onahole doesn'r provide a great stimulation.

The sensation when u enter the first section is amazing but the it can be underwhelming as u enter the middle section and the final section of the onahole. The should make more ribs in the middle and especially at the end. That would make this a great product in my opinion.

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