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Super Hard And Tight - Cyclist Girl

Hard Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Hard Onahole, Tight Onahole

Hard and Tight male masturbator

A young Cyclist girl, taking a break from her training. She is all sweaty and exited, offering you her ultra tight hole. That is the Super Hard And Tight - Cyclist Girl onahole by Toys Heart. Made by clear material, you can see the action going on inside. The material overall is hard as the name indicates, staying in shape and position at any time. The inside of the Super Hard And Tight - Cyclist Girl onahole has a strong and intense stimulation for you in store. Get into her and instantly be amazed by the sensations. In the first 1/3 the tunnel makes a twist, stimulating you with dots and wavy lines in a long spiral. A thicker lube, such as the ones for Anal penetration is recommended for the Super Hard And Tight - Cyclist Girl for the best results. As all products from Toys Heart we have an amazing overall quality, making the Super Hard And Tight - Cyclist Girl onahole one of the best choices in its price range for lovers of hard male masturbators.

The Super Hard And Tight - Cyclist Girl onahole by Toys Heart features
  • hard and tight male sex toy
  • intense stimulation in a spiral like tunnel with lots of sensations
  • clear see through material
  • onahole weight about 385 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 175x65x150mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube


3 Customer Reviews for Super Hard And Tight - Cyclist Girl

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by Kazuka February 19, 2019
Good as long as it lasts

Before i start, want to say that I'm reviewing this after 5 uses. Only had it a week, but there's a reason why below...

So anyway, this thing definitely is tight. Due to this, it'll give a lot of resistance... at first... You'll want to be rather hard and decently lubed before using this thing.

But the "at first" part comes from the fact that this thing has a womb. If you want the most intensity, squeeze some air out to give this some suction. You get the most intensity when you go all the way in, then squeeze out the air as you're "balls deep". Regardless of how you use this thing, it feels very incredible and those who are sensitive won't want to use this...

However, the reason why I'm doing this review so early is because mine is already deteriorating after a few uses. It's serviceable to be sure, but the entrance is already splitting a bit on opposite sides. It's like a circle trying to turn into an oval at this point, and I've barely had the thing. Could be due to my "size" since the entrance isn't that big, but I think it's cause the material is somewhat hard... I also noticed a split on the inside right at the "twist" of it too, so I'm a bit worried on the durability...

As for cleaning, this isn't too bad to deal with. a thin cloth can be pushed all the way to the back to dry things out. Not too hard to flush and dry this thing, but the outside is getting sticky already so powdering is a must.

Overall, it's not too bad. Can't get too attached to this cause it seems like it'll break down fast unless you have the girth of a Nickel, but it does feel good enough to not be a waste. Just expect this to be one of those "limited use" onaholes and factor that into whether the cost is good or not.

by yup October 7, 2018

For a hard onahole, it's pretty malleable. First time was a bit hard to fully get into, but since then it has been amazing. It's also semi transparent, so you see what's going on inside. Top stuff. Amazing price while on sale.

by Brandon May 30, 2018
A pleasant surprise - One of my favourites

My first 'Hard' onahole, and I found the experience extremely enjoyable. I was a little hesitant when it came to buying this, thinking that it would be too hard to use, but I found it very interesting and this is now one of my personal favourites.

A small issue with mine however (it may not affect everyone) but on the exterior at the back of it, some of the material was peeling off when I received it. I've left it as it is, and I try not to pick at it but I can imagine it would bother some people. I don't know if this is normal, but it still works great nonetheless.

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