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Puruman Angel

by Magic Eyes
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Heavenly Soft Pocket Pussy

The Puruman Angel is a super soft and supple onahole made by Magic Eyes that delivers the sensual experience of penetrating the tight and wet pussy of a young virgin. The pliable and floppy outer material gives this male masturbator a soft squishy feel that, when combined with the meandering and textured inner tunnel, delivers a wonderfully stimulating experience like you're pushing into the love tunnel of an angel. Weighing in at 580grams, this is a large size onahole that delivers a large dose of stimulation that will end in many pleasurable orgasms. The soft design and the wide opening also make this onahole very easy to clean, lubricate and use while the premium build also makes it durable.

The Puruman Angel Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Male Masturbator by Magic Eyes
  • Large Size Onahole
  • Super Soft & Supple Materials
  • Dual-layer Structure
  • Complimentary Lubricant Included
  • Weight: 580 Grams
  • Dimensions: 170 x 90 x 70 mm

Maker: Magic Eyes
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 12/10/2023

    too bad there was something

    too soft indeed I wanted to test and I confirm it is fragile a firmer body with the same texture would have been better

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  • | 5/17/2018

    biggest disappointment so far

    I have had a few onaholes now, and I had high hopes for this one, but boy have I been frustrated with this thing. I have already read about the problem that many people had with this toy, but I didn't want to believe it. "It is from magic eyes...they have made so many could they possibly produce something with those kind of flaws?"...well I was wrong. I am not shure if it was a factory defect, but the inner layer tore already appart within the first use. The onahole felt very nice to the touch and was the most soft and squishy onahole I have seen so far...but there lies the problem I think...the material is just not durable at all. I got to admit though, the thing felt freekin fantastic while it lasted. But what can I landet immediately in the bin afterwards. I can not recomment this toy at all. If you are looking for a soft onahole...this is not it.

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  • | 8/6/2016

    Poor quality a huge let down; breaks down after two uses

    I had a good experience with purchase from OTONA. Would also say, that SAL mail takes about 30 days in total to get your order to EU. As for product PURUMAN ANGEL I can say a big disappointment and I had many many onaholes in my time. I got this one due to one good review and a rather larger size. Internally it also looked good. First ''bad'' thing is, that outside of this onahole is slimy soft. It is like a piece of slime. This means you can't use it with one hand at all since you can't grip it. You can use it with two hands though. I solved soft slime issue with putting it in a cut to measure soda bottle or you can use shampoo bottle with one hand. I can say feeling due to very soft material is good and fine at first use. But since material is so soft it started to leak oil even after first use very much. I had oily hands & thighs and basically everywhere I touched it. No powdering helped. By the time I used it a second time, It was huge oily mess on my hands and my intimate areas. Obahoe also did not feel as got as on first use. It got terribly messy, as oil got to my clothes and everywhere. Not to mention that onahole became terribly sticky any dirty since any dirt would stick to it. Tried to wash it, but oily residue got everywhere and messed up my bath since it stuck on it. Messy business. Only after second use I also noticed, when washed internally (I did not flip in outside out) that internal canal is totally ripped and torn. This was reason, why it did not feel any good since canal diameter is now larger and also has many splits internally (after second use). I also noticed during use, that small parts would fall out from internal wall of the onahole. I am averagely sized, so I can only blame product quality. I am hugely disappointed in this product, since it was almost 30 USD, and I could use two times before it got ruined due to bad material choice. I am not inclined to use it again, since it is very oily, and doesn't feel good anymore (used it only twice). I had many onaholes that were 10-20 USD, and they were much more durable than this. I would dare to say, that all the mess that you will have with this one (very oily and dirty experience) is better to get avoided. Even if this product was 10 USD or less would not be worth it. 30 USD will get your like two good uses and whole lot of oil mess on your hands. Would suggest BIG detour on this one. I would rather suggest to get Fuwachitsu Evolution from OTONA, for like 21 USD. It is also very soft, not sticky, feels great and is much more durable.

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