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Real - Angels Extreme - Hip

Hentai Onahole by EXE
$116.37 $75.71 Save $40.66
(appx. 95.7 )
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Hip Onahole

Product Weight (without the package): approx. 2200 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 200x220x100mm


3 Customer Reviews for Real - Angels Extreme - Hip

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by Sinny June 18, 2020
Good product

Used it twice, no problems so far, definitely recommend.

by Mordred May 23, 2020
All around great toy

This hip feels amazing, fun to smack the butt around. Lay it on flat on top when laying down and thrust into it for cowgirl. Position the hip on some pillows and something for doggystyle. Or place it cheeks down for missionary.
I will criticize the anus, not as stimulating for me as the vagina, it's a bit... boring. The anus as well as the hole on the end just ends up leaking lube and other fluids all over. On the flip-side, it makes it easier to clean (just take it into the shower with you).
A small issue I have is that I tend to slip out of the tunnel itself and catch on the lips. Feels like I might damage it at some point because of this. All around great toy, $110 Aud well worth if your interested in a hip toy.

by Andrew April 17, 2018
Extremely good for its price, but a bit small

This is the first and only Hip that I got, and it is a treat. The ass is so fun to grope and it looks really cute. The material is really soft, especially the inner material, but the outside material as well. Unfortunately, this causes the anus to feel almost exactly the same as the vaginal canal. as it's not much tighter because of the soft material. and also because they converge into the same canal. Because of how the anal canal is made, and because it's close to the top of the toy, you see a bulge when you use the anal canal, which caused me to be scared of using it for fear of piercing it. The other cons are that it has a flat bottom, which makes it awkward to use in any way other than doggy (and even then you have to put it on an elevated surface because it's so small) and that it's a double ended hole, which makes it have less suction, therefore it is less tight, and your head is not stimulated if you go too deep. However, the feeling is really, REALLY good and it's so fun to squeeze that I almost don't care.

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