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Saimin Seishidou Kurashiki Reika - Favorite Position DX (Hypnosis Sex Guidance)

Hip Onahole by Rune Gift
US$84.15 save US$27.12
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Maker Rune GiftSimulation Anal, VaginalFantasy Anime/Hentai, Gal/GyaruHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Single LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 2Product Weight 1800g (3.97lbs)Length/Height 180mm (7.09in)Width 180mm (7.09in)Lotion included Yes Release 2022Product Type Hip Onahole

User Reviews

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  • | 2/6/2024

    The MILF Feels Good.

    The feeling and simulation is amazing. However, clean up can be a hassle and the size is a bit smaller than expected. But overall, would recommend.

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  • | 12/22/2023

    Very good feel

    Had this for a couple months now. This hip onahole has a great feel to the vaginal wall, the anal part could be a little better with stimulation. The toy durability-wise holds up really well. Very well placed for value if looking for something that's relatively cheap.

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  • | 9/3/2023

    Extremely Small

    The butt is really small , It was uncomfortable to put my dick in the holes and it felt like i was fucking a minor.

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  • | 3/29/2023

    Very good but only 1 minor detail

    When I 1st opened this up, I was ready to dig in and start doing it, IT FELT AMAZING, this is my 1st onahole of any kind and for a 1st, it was amazing, I felt the insides very much and had a nice smooth and squishy feel to it. There only down side to it was the size, I expected it to be a lil bigger, but that’s alright. 10/10 and would def recommend.

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  • | 11/25/2022

    My First Hip

    So this is the first hip that I have bought and it is very good. My only issue with it is that the anal part of it isn't very stimulating, but the vaginal hole and the shape of it more than makeup for it. I recommend using it standing up as it feels way better that way compared to lying down or sitting down. over all I'd say it's a 9/10

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  • | 9/11/2022

    Kurashiki Reika My Beloved! <3

    This was my first Onahole I ever bought and I am glad to say that I am super satisfied with it! With that being said please take my review with a grain of salt since I am but a novice-! I will say that I was a bit skeptical at first with not finding a preview of how the insides look... (You can find somewhat vague pictures of the product if you search it in Japanese - "催〇性指導 倉敷麗華の場合 麗華の大好きな体位DX 通常版" which I would recommended before making a choice) However, when the product arrived I was itching to test it and figure out how it would feel and quickly get it out of the box, all I can say is that it effin' GRIPS, IT JUST GRIPS-! And if you watched the Hentai or read the Doujin; She was testing the protagonist and now you can experience her testing you! Both holes feel great, but my favorite has hole has to be her vagina! Been enjoying it and I lose my mind whenever it is show time as I try to survive my time with Reika; Cleaning is quite simple (I thought it be a hassle but I use my shower to clean it and a 100ML Syringe to clean the insides) and while cleaning it you'll be distracted with her amazing butt, can't help but slap it and grab it! lol TLDR; If you liked the hentai and the character, I believe you will like this! If I am lucky enough, perhaps one day I can try out Saimin Seishidou Miyajima Tsubaki DX or Minami San Sensational Huge Ass! And as a first time buyer and new user it was pretty great and I am quite thankful on receiving my order safe and sound, looking forward to ordering here in the future! Thank you OtonaJP! <3

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  • | 7/23/2022

    Just a Review

    Size: Smaller but same shape /Pleasure: Great despite being single layer /Appearance: Nice Ass /Cleaning: Easy /Personal Comment: I like ASS, this toy provides it. Even though its smaller, you still be able to feel like you're groping an ASS. The pleasure is better than other single layer toys I have owned. If you like ASS, keep it in your collection.

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  • | 4/14/2022

    Nice Suction. Dry skin. Smaller than expected.

    The suction inside of it feels pretty good. The size is small from what I expected, and the skin is dry. I like the dry skins since moist ones are kind of a mess to clean up. Also, there are no holes that go in and out completely, so cleaning it is kind of tricky.

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  • | 4/8/2022

    Great quality and feel!

    Love the product used it as soon as she got here. Felt great and wow am I satisfied with the quality and feel, Highly recommend for fans of the "anime"

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  • | 3/26/2022

    Amazing Gem - Top Mini Hip Recommendation

    I usually steer away from toys that does not show what the interior looks like. However, Saimin Seishidou is one of my favorite hentai so I took a chance on this hip. I was pondering over the Reina hip or this one. This one got chosen due to the extra 300g weight. This hip was much smaller than expected which makes it better if you are living with roommates or in a shared situation. I used larger hips (NPG, Kokos), torso (Real Body 3D Anja Kiljan, Puni Ana SPDX, etc), small hips (Puni Ana DX, etc), and variety of onaholes. The hip is not too soft or not too hard. Touch wise, it is feel harder than Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 or Legendary Erotic Hip Mao Hamasaki, but not as hard as the Puni Ana DX. While smaller than the Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000, the vagina and anal holes are feel 100x much better. Whichever hole I entered gave me a mild tight sensation that felt amazing, but like the Puni Ana DX and Puni Ana SPDX your member needs to be fully erect to penetrate either hole. Larger hips take around 20 minutes or so. While cleaning is tedious, this hip takes about 7-10 minutes with the right tools (drying stick, clean brush, cleaner spray). Since it is a small hip, it will fit in the sink for easy cleaning. At this price point it is good choice for someone who want the best bang of the buck, want the most utility out of their toys, and desire a hip that is easy hideable. You may not get the most realistic feeling and a long session, but what you get is a fun experience as you want to pump each hole over and over again to enjoy the intense feeling it offers. Like how the heroine in the hentai tested the main character, your member will experience the same feeling as this hot jukujo tried to make you submit, but in the end you will take charge and be the victor. It is the perfect balance between an onahole and a larger hip. You will be hands free while having the benefit of a slightly faster cleaning time up. Like with Puni Ana DX or SPDX, your member needs to be erect to enter either hole. If you are having trouble getting erect or struggle with being half mast, I recommend you go over to softer toys with easier entrance as one of the many fantastic hips made by NPG will offer a more inclusive experience for you. Most parody holes or official anime holes are junk. Luckily, Saimin Seishidou Kurashiki Reika is a solid and outstanding mini-hip for the cost conscious, space saving, and thrill seeking user.

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