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Seventeen Bordeaux

by Toys Heart
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Young Girl Sex experience Pocket Pussy

The Seventeen Bordeaux Onahole is a male masturbator that provides the sweet and stimulating sensations of a seventeen-year-old Japanese girl's tight vagina. The inner tube is long, wavy and made up of many nubs that offer some fantastic feelings to your member as you penetrate it and make you super hard. At the end of this sweet, seventeen-year-old's wavy love tunnel is a small chamber that helps to create a suction effect. The result is a beautiful virginity-taking experience that feels better and better as you push deeper inside her. Take this young, inexperienced and curious teen home and let her love hole experience your throbbing member.

The Seventeen Bordeaux Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Male Masturbator by Toys Heart
  • Dual-Layer Design
  • Virgin Teen Theme
  • Stimulating & Wavy Inner Tunnel
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Weight: 250 Grams
  • Dimensions: 170 x 55 mm

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Brand: Toys Heart
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User Reviews

11 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 5/4/2023

    The most comfortable onahole

    This onahole has a unique feeling for me, it's just comfortable to use. It seems very firm, enough that the texture is distinct, but it isn't overwhelming or uncomfortable in any way. When used with a toy warmer, you'll just sink right into it. Sounds weird, I know, but it has a level of comfort and stimulation that I haven't experienced with other onaholes, even really soft ones. Perhaps it's a mixture of the tightness providing support with the less aggressive texture that make it perfect, I don't know. All I know is that I really like this toy.

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  • | 4/21/2023


    The material of this onahole is so soft and lovely. When you want a soft onahole, this is a great option ­— I feel like some of the harder onaholes have too much resistance when ejaculating; this soft onahole feels pleasant for that in comparison. I would love to try the normal version of this onahole too for comparison but I can't reasonably afford to buy ALL the onaholes. I am very happy though. Of course it's a bit more hassle to clean/dry due to the dual layer, so I use a diatomic stick to help dry it which has been working decently well.

    ... view more
  • | 7/6/2019

    Great for a step up or beginner

    Affordable if you don't have much money, the inner layer provides great feeling and it lasts a lot. Coupled with an onahole heater this is one you can't go wrong with, as many others have suggested.

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  • | 2/13/2018

    excellent toy, will purchase again

    this toy has been an excellent purchase, very good suction, the bumps do all the job when going in and out, and the end of the chamber is a bit rough but feels good once you're used to it. it's durability might not be that great, after a few months the inner layer started ripping off little by little, usually as I heard dual-layer onaholes have this issue, but still the quality is decent enough, there's no harm in buying another one because the feeling and experience is all worth it at the end. great price, overall decent quality!

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  • | 10/20/2017

    Highly recommended for western users.

    ++ Very long tunnel. As you can see by the images, the tunnel extends nearly the entirety of the toy which means it can accomodate large erhm... members. Since the average western user is a bit longer than your average eastern/native user the shallowness of an onahole can often pose a bit of a problem - not with this gal though! ++ Strong suction. Not everyone is into the good succ, but those who do are in for a treat here. The design is cleverly designed to create a very strong suction the more you push into her. + Good value. Not an overly expensive onahole of good quality at that price. -The inner layer is a bit flimsy. As mentioned by other users it will probably break eventually. Such is the fate of most dual-layer onaholes, sadly. All-in-all a strong 4/5 stars. The gimmick with the suction is great, as is the length of the tunnel. The inner layer is a weakness but at a relatively low price it is good purchase nontheless.

    ... view more
  • | 7/20/2017

    A must have

    A hole providing very good suction. Even though the interior might look boring because it's very linear, the feelings are not ! I can't compare to the other ones of the 17 serie, but this one is very robust and will last forever.

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  • | 3/23/2017

    A good hole

    It's very nice and stimulating. Even though I'm kind of small it still felt good. The inner layer feels really nice but eventually that stopped sticking on and I would push it in. In that way it doesn't last long but even with the inner layer taken out entirely it's still not bad.

    ... view more
  • | 10/26/2016

    The hyped up 17 that isn't overhyped

    The hype on this hole is quite justified, 3 years on it is still one of TH's best holes. It's quite a long hole but the hole is littered with dots and the soft inner layer makes this a good hole for long plays, eventually ending in a powerful orgasm. Unfortunately the inner layer completely peeled off on mine but it was quite a good run I've had with it. Not built to last but in terms of simulation this is one of the best holes TH have ever conceived.

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  • | 9/28/2016

    Great suction

    She is my first dual layer. Her appearance is ok. Material is soft. Once you put in her, let out the air inside and she will suck you nicely. She is a good purchase but like the other review, her inner layer will separate after a while. My advice is to enjoy her gently.

    ... view more
  • | 9/5/2016

    Great Suction and Stimulation

    This hole is not too sticky, but will pick up hair and dirt. I had my hole for about 3 months now. The inner layer is starting to separate from the outer layer. However this hole is still usable, no effect on performance yet. This hole has amazing suction and stimulation. Plus you don't need that much lube.It is also very easy to clean and dry.

    ... view more
  • | 8/31/2016

    Not bad overall

    This was the first onahole that I have ever used and it was not a bad experience, the material is very nice to the touch and it is not sticky. My only problem with it was due to it being a dual layer onahole. after about three weeks the inner layer began to separate which gradually got worse with time. My advice is if you want an onahole that will last for a long time do not get a dual layer one. If ToysHeart improves the dual layer design I would gladly get another one.

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