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Sucking Tentacles

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  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 January 7
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1 Customer Reviews for Sucking Tentacles

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by DJ May 16, 2019
TL;DR - Good Value, very soft

A "normal" soft onahole elevated by its low price. I got this with a 10% off sale and have used it with both the packaged lube and (G PROJECT x PEPE HOT LOTION) on separate occasions. Given the lack of a "Description" at the time of writing, I feel the need to go in depth about this hole.

Product is about 13cm (5.12in) long with roughly 11cm (4.3in) being actual hole. Needless to say, if you're of average-ish size like me (5in/12.7cm) you're going to be hitting the back. There's a fair amount of excess at the end that blocks further progress and causes the head to poke and stretch out the side. Can't give an accurate weight but I think it's on the lighter side.

Material is very very soft and stretchy. Has a sort of gummybear-like springiness that's kinda tempting to bite (don't). Walls are relatively thin making for a gentle experience that varies based on your grip. Nubs on the inside are big enough to feel and are quite nice when rubbing the glans but still quite soft. Given softness and elasticity of the material, there is very little pressure. Texture, both outside and in, is surprisingly smooth even after washing off that powder all onaholes seem to come coated in. Inside is white which makes me think it has a double layer construction but I don't know for sure (can't read japanese).

The actual entry hole is very very small and difficult to get lube inside, however this isn't as much a problem as you might think. The "tentacles" surrounding the hole can hold the lube allowing for easy application onto your member and (likely because its so soft) entry is no problem once you are lubed up. I actually found that very little lube was needed and the package that it comes with is kinda overkill. You're probably better off using it as a refill for a bottle and applying a thumbnail-sized dab than using the package straight.

Cleanup is surprisingly easy. I've heard that turning a double-layered hole inside out would destroy the inner layer so I tried not to do that. However, given how soft and stretchy it is as well as its short depth, it's easy to just stretch open the hole with your fingers and clean it out. Drying is still difficult though so you may want to invest in a thin towel or drying bag.

Finally, price. At the time of writing it is $12.83 USD. I've had worse for way more than that. Now, it's not the cheapest onahole out there, but it's definitely a good budget hole for under $15 bucks. If it wasn't for international shipping costs, I'd say it's a steal. Add on a sale and you're golden.

My one complaint is that there's no sort of "payoff" at the end of the tunnel. It's about 8.9cm (3.5 in) of nubs followed by an empty cervix (?) that does little to nothing in terms of stimulation. The Box itself suggests holding the base against your body and stretching the onahole but LOLWUT? Tried that but it didn't feel that great, your results may vary. IMO Keeping strokes shallow and the nubs on the head is the way to go.

link to product+ruler and instructional side of box (no dick pic, I promise).

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