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Sugo Fella

Blowjob Onahole by Enjoy Toys
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Product Type: Blowjob Onahole

Realistic Hentai Blowjob Simulator

The Sugo Fella is an amazing Blowjob Onahole made by Enjoy Toys - The world's first blowjob to feature a "faceshift gimmick" that enables the mouth to open wide and take your full length and more. This blowjob masturbator features a realistic set of teeth, tongue, throat and even a tonsil - all combing to look and feel astonishing as you slide inside. As you push in deeper, behind the mouth, you will encounter her deep and curving throat that consist of ribs and nubs that feel much like the real thing. Enjoy Toys have really thought of everything with this toy as you can pull out the tongue can be pulled out for easier cleaning. Treat your member to the oral pleasure it deserves with one of the most marvellous blowjob onaholes currently available.

The Sugo Fella Oral Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Blowjob Type Male Masturbator by Enjoy Toys
  • Realistic Mouth and Throat-like design
  • Unique and Innovative "Faceshift Gimmick"
  • Cleaning Brush Included
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Weight: 620 Grams


5 Customer Reviews for Sugo Fella

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by Caz March 21, 2020
Very cool idea and well made. Overall enjoyable.

The idea behind it was very alluring to me, the mouth is very realistic and the hard teeth for me personally was an enjoyable experience. The adjustable mouth gimmick was actually a very nice idea. Opening it fully was nice however if you like a tighter feel around the shaft closing it a bit felt great. The weight of it feels perfect, not too heavy but not too light.
Overall the product in my opinion is great, feels good and looks good. However i do believe if you are more on the well endowed side you may only be using the one setting, which you may or may not like.

by KiteGX January 1, 2020
It's not what you'll expect, but great in it's own way.

I've wanted to get this one for a very long time. Hopefully, this should help you decide if you should get it or not.

This toy is a bit heavy and the throat feels great, it aims to give you a realistic experience. If your stick is thicker than average, you probably won't fit into the throat section. The teeth hinge is there and it can be annoying. The tongue is the most disappointing part of the toy. You really can't do much with it, and you won't get to feel the tongue at all during use. The teeth sit higher than the tongue even with the mouth fully opened. So... the overall usage is essentially thrusting into the throat, which is tighter than it should be due to the hinge, with a choice of teeth grinding on your shaft or not. It's a rough-ish experience, that is most suitable for people that prefer "hard" or "crystal hard" toys.

Cleaning this toy is fairly easy, it's easy to get inside and use water and soap, as well as rinsing it.

It's a little large, but nothing outrageous. Storing should be easy, but this toy isn't tiny so plan accordingly.

There's potential to get hurt if the throat is way too tight for you, or if you let the teeth grind against your shaft. Unlike other toys, these teeth are not going to just "caress" your shaft. Exercise caution.

The toy is very durable but I think the hinge could give up eventually. In my opinion, that would be good. I wish the teeth would only lock at the widest position and not at every step. It should last you indefinitely with proper care, it's not a fragile toy otherwise.

Overall, the price is right and value-wise I'd think the same. But it's a rather niche product for biting/oral fetishists or people who like hard toys. I do not recommend this for a first-timer, and if you want a "mouth" experience that would please most people, I can vouch for Mouth of Truth Ochobo Guchi mini. The softness of the material, being able to actually feel the tongue, and the teeth caressing the shaft instead of grinding makes it a better option. Unless, of course, this product provides something you want to try. In that case, I'd recommend getting them both.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope you found it helpful! :)

by Samuel February 22, 2019
Not recommended for the uncircumcised.

Firstly let me say, The build quality and overall presentation of this onahole is superb. It has a great weight to it, the material feels nice and high quality, and the packaging is great as well.

My biggest gripe is that I am unable to use it owing to the adjustable jaw gimmick. Its not the teeth that are the problem, but where the jaw is hinged, about half-way into the onahole. The opening between the hinges is large enough to allow the glans to pass, but if you are uncircumcised, there is not enough room to allow the foreskin to pass, resulting in a terrific, tearing pain where the foreskin attaches to the shaft. The only way to remediate this is to hold the onahole sideways, but this doesn't really feel that good, and I'm guessing the onahole was not designed to be used that way.

In conclusion, this onahole probably feels nice (at least according to the other reviews), but if you are uncircumcised, give this one a pass, or else face the disappointment of having 60$ unusable onahole.

by Jim July 23, 2018
She'll bite your dick off, if you don't feed her properly

I really like the locking jaw gimmick with this one. You can go full on facefuck style as if she was wearing an o-ring gag with minimal to no teeth contact, or slide in and close it down a bit so you can't 'escape' if you like that rough teeth sensation, or anywhere in the middle for a more of a La bocca kind of feel. This is by far my fav bj onahole, recommended for you bitey freaks.

by - March 17, 2018
A larger and more physically realistic Mouth of Truth (La Bocca della Verita)

The manufacturer had some extreme ideas when deciding to take The Mouth of Truth (La Bocca della Verita) and made it thicker and with a full set of upper and lower teeth to bring it this toy to its extremes of realism. The overall size has also increase with more firmer skin texture and structure. The teeth might not be to everyone's taste and some people might resort to removing them manually. However the teeth will be harder to remove as it is a full set of upper and lower teeth more firmly attached to its mouth.

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