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Sujiman Kupa Rina Crystal Hard

Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Maker Magic EyesSimulation VaginalFantasy VirginHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness HardNumber of Holes 337Product Weight 285g (0.63lbs)Length/Height 135mm (5.31in)Width 66mm (2.6in)Lotion included Yes Release 2019Product Type Onahole

The original Sujiman Kupa Rina onahole by Magic Eyes is one of their most popular models and one of the most sold male masturbators worldwide. The Crystal Hard version combines the tight and unique virgin sex experience the original had with a harder and super firm material. While the material of the Sujiman Kupa Rina Crystal Hard onahole is hard, it still feels smooth and somehow even soft in your hand and around your member. The inner tunnel has a second layer in it which wraps around your best friend perfectly, the walls are textured with stimulating ribs. Pushing deeper and deeper, the Sujiman Kupa Rina Crystal Hard onahole surprises you with a tight G Spot at the end, finishing off in an even tighter vacuum chamber. This little virgin will suck every last drop out of you and will leave you speechless and fully emptied. Enjoy Rina's Virgin pleasure any time you want her.

User Reviews

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  • | 4/30/2023

    Satisfyingly wierd

    honestly an kind of odd hole and its actually quite nice how the increased hardness changes the hole making it almost feel like it is pushing back. and interesting experience especially if you tried some of the other versions.

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  • | 3/16/2020

    peculiar thematic

    some parts are hard and other soft ones that can get sticky if not dried properly, but a fundamental characteristic is the high durability I have been using for 3 months twice a week very carefully so as not to snore it is worth remembering that it is an onahole not a ppk really.

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  • | 5/16/2019

    Tight but not as stimulating.

    The "transparent" part is made of hard materials, but pink internals are soft. The whole gimmick translate to hard materials pressing/squeezing/compressing your d*ck, while the internals stimulate it, in theory. The internal length is short too, i can see my d*ck shape through the transparent outer layer if I force my entire d*ck in. Even though it's tight, the internals lack stimulation, all I feel are pressure from the outer layer pressing down and slight stimulation from the little lump/dot in the internal of the onahole. It can be used for long fapping session if your member is not sensitive to pressure. The outer layer is durable while the inner layer feels flimsy, as if you can tear it if you're not careful. Overall, it's a very average onahole. Is it worth the money? Yes if you like your member getting squeezed on hard (FeelsMasochisticMan). Pro(s): 1. Very durable. 2. Strong pressure squeezing down on your dick, which is a kind of stimulation for some people. 3. Easy to clean, because it's small and the internal length is short. The outer layer doesn't get sticky too. Con(s): 1. Small, can't feel anything around the base of my member, have to push the thing down hard. 2. Little stimulation, I wish Magic Eyes would use some "harder" material on the inner surface/traction to enhances the stimulation, this internal is soft and I don't feel much from it(the onahole) between the pressure and soft insides. P/s, the onahole will try to push your d*ck out due to the pressure from the outer layer. Not sure if this is a design flaw(bug) or a feature :D inserting back in might be a bit of a hassle if you're trying to keep your hands clean. P/ss, average Asian dick at around 14cm.

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  • | 4/13/2019

    Aint bad

    Well what can i say, first usage the entrance already came off/ ripped apart and i don’t even have a huge thing, but better then most toys that i used so far, the feeling is great and tight but not for long sessions cuz after long usage it feels just like a normal hole, for that price good enough

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  • | 3/8/2019

    More Durable version of the original, same-ish feeling

    So I've purchased two of the original now, the first one was one of my very first ona, and so me being a gentlemen with a larger member it got very much expanded and eventually ruined. I ordered a second and so far its been more durable then the last, which brings us to todays new Crystal version. Its a tad bit tighter obviously due to the Hard status, but the materials are unquestionably stronger then the first one I got, and certainly better then the crystal lolinco I got (preordered both, lives up to the original being lower durability but great feeling even to this day.) I wish they would make a Virgo version of Crystal Lolinco, the same way i'm now hoping they make a Big version of this or the Roa in crystal, if they did it would be perfect for someone of my size. Overall review: if you've had the original, this feels the same but higher quality and more firm but consider its basically the ona equivalent of a vicegrip already I mean you knew that was coming. Only thing I will say is it cost 23 USD for me (predorder price) and 28 shipping which was incredibly high cost considering, so get it when you plan to get something else as well. Only reason I ordered it was to get a review out for Magic Eyes because I value their brand so much (holler at me Magic Eyes, i'll gladly review your products if you send them to me, I own most of your stuff)

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