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by Magic Eyes
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Hard male masturbator
Maker Magic Eyes

The La vie en ROSES CRYSTAL HARD onahole by Magic Eyes is the long awaited hard version of the original La vie en ROSES Onahole. It combines the intense Virgin sex like experience we had with original La Vie en ROSES with a harder material. It is made with a clear see through material and has a red core. Magic Eyes onaholes are always known for their great stimulation, some of the best selling onaholes of all times are made by them. The inside core is not only red, it is also made by a Hybrid material which is a mix of two different materials, making it kind of a tripple layer/material male masturbator. The stimulation is tight and intense, with lots of highlights down the tunnel. The entrance with the big Vagina lips looks beautiful and is some of the best we ever saw on a male masturbator. With 700 Grams is the La vie en ROSES CRYSTAL HARD onahole a real beast of a male sex toy and gives you the fun we usually only get with Hips and much more expensive items. If Hard Onaholes are not a turn off for you, then the La vie en ROSES CRYSTAL HARD onahole is clearly a no brainer.

The La vie en ROSES CRYSTAL HARD onahole by Magic Eyes features

  • Hard male sex toy
  • made by Magic Eyes
  • dual layer onahole with a hybrid core
  • onahole weight about 700 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 170x110x85mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion - good for 1-2 uses

User Reviews

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  • | 12/16/2023

    Both soft and hard

    I used a few toys and this one soft or hard version is one of the best for me

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  • | 3/2/2021

    It got a lot of use from me.

    This was one of my most used ever Onaholes for the longest time. I'm buying another one of these because I had such a positive experience with it! The price is quite cheap and you will be shocked by the feel of it.

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  • | 3/10/2019

    A great product but not amazing

    Overall the product is good since it has two holes for you to use but things can get sloppy since both the holes are not seperated so there is lake of vacuum suction unless you close of the hole which leads to your lube leaking out of the other hole when under use. I will say this product is poorly designed. If the holes are independent of one another. This would have make an amazing onahole. I would suggest getting Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Crystal Hard. It has the same characteristics but with far more superior stimulation and sensation.

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  • | 2/6/2019

    Intensity on a new level

    So, I've had this thing for a few months now. I have to say that this is o e very nice piece of work. It feels very incredible regardless of the hole you take, but the vagina seems to be the highlight as it's easier to direct it to a spot that teases the opening of your dick. Those that don't like this, the Anal hole might redirect you from it. And it's capable of some suction if you plug up the unused hole. I tend to ball up som plastic and stick it in for that. Cleaning is rather easy too. It can take some punishment so stick some paper towel down there and you're fine. Speaking of punishment... Gotta take a point off due to mine having manufacturing errors. There was a few bubbles in it that popped making part of the outside misshapen but it is lasting quite a lot despite this. Still, while errors can happen, they aren't to be expected so minus 1 quality point. Also, good lube can help you out. If you got the powder from this site that makes 50 bottles of it, make the consistency of lube you wish since that lube does wonders. But if you're using this in the shower or tub, I'd not use lube at all as the water makes it good enough for entry yet more intense to really wring you out.

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