• Sku: 対魔忍さくら 影遁の術ホール
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Taimanin Sakura Kage 3 Onahole

by PPP

  • Maker: PPP


Available on otonaJP since: 2017 July 18
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 272 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 137x66x55mm


3 Customer Reviews for Taimanin Sakura Kage 3 Onahole

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by MrAsian March 28, 2019
Refreshing thin lube

This lube has a very nice and refreshing citrus type scent almost smells like an orange.

Sakura is probably one of my favorite chars in the Taimanin series from design and personality.

The bottle design for each of the Taimanin lubes is good and makes for easy distribution of the lube and I don't think you need to use much per session.

The lube itself is a thin type as you can see from the product pictures on this page. So it will definitely work best with onaholes that have a ribbed type textures.

by Plopy July 17, 2018
A very good value

Like the other taimanin product i have tested so far, we have a really good value for the price.
It's feel pretty good inside and considering how rough i did go with it, the material is very strong.
I still have a preference for yukikaze in term of feeling but this one remain an extremely good product for it's price and it will last for a long time.

by HellOz May 17, 2018
Bad luck or poor product.

Feel is decent and cost isnt anything dramatic. It Doesnt smell as bad as Yukikaze and Asagi products (which were better than this otherwise and smell reduces over time.. but unpacking stench could kill a cat).

In my case there was unfortunate event where, likely due failure product rather than accidental misuse, the end chamber got somehow pierced from the side. It doesnt have a dramatic detrimental effect otherwise.

While outwardly it has quite appealing appearance, it has a feeling of "quantity over quality" product on the inside. Still.. relatively cheap, quite good, pretty appealing.. just be mindful that entrance to these things is about size of an extravagant entrance to an anthill so definitely do use lubrication abundantly with these.

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