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Tenga Flip Hole White

by Tenga
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Tenga is one of the most popular makers of onaholes and masturbators in general. The flip hole is a whole new idea and can be used many time as it is very solid and durable. Easy to clean and very stimulating, mixed with the high quality Tenga provides throughout their whole product line. Comes bundled with 3 lotions.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 May 26
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 565 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 175x85mm

Maker: Tenga
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User Reviews

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  • | 3/17/2019

    The Toy that will out live them all!

    Uhh yes FlipHole Classic. I bought this back then when Tenga released this revolution of a hole back in around 2009 I thinks. Anyhow I still have the Toy and it is still usable but may be around 85% when compare to when it was new. The Feeling for this hole is actually pretty good, nothing too extreme or too little in term of stimulating (look kinda funny when the thing expanded while in uses) Also you can pressed the 3 buttons for added feel in wherever part you wanted. Cleaning: 11/10 can be done with eyes closed and probably with one hand tied to the back. You wont find any hole easier to clean then the Fliphole series! All the pro had been said and written. Please allow me to explain what the state of my Fliphole is in after almost 10 yrs of service as I guess it is a lot more interesting yes? The coloring has stay somewhat the same, However, the skin surface of silicone had gone somewhat sticky but nothing too serious as it can be fixed by powdering with babypowder or any powder of your choice should fix the sticky problem. Sadly I have also have to mention the con of this one as well Firstly, the feeling of this hole will be of those that focus on creating pattern that will stimulate than try to recreate the real vagina like those Meiki so if you looking for realistic one this hole is not for you. secondly as of my case. The plastic shall that hold the silicon part inside have some gap that actually trapping water and created a mold like on the silicone. nothing effecting the performance but could bother some of you outthere. As of me I did remove the silicone part out and clean it with disinfectant. It is better but the coloring is still there but not as bad. Conclusion With the proper care I think this hole can last very long time. And feel pretty good to play with. A solid 8/10 from me Also try not to remove the 3 buttons, their feet can break!

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  • | 10/26/2018

    A toy that does it all

    Flip basics, since the description here is rather uninformative: Like a fair amount of tenga products, the outside is unassuming, making hiding it slightly less obligatory for those of you who would have to worry about such a thing. Cleaning this is also amazingly easy, and it's the main feature of the flip series: you take off the brace and it opens like a clamshell, at which point you can just run the insides under a faucet and clean it out with soap in no time. The three buttons on it are points where you squeeze for more stimulation at the base or tip if you go for the bottom or top ones respectively, meanwhile the middle one compresses the whole thing for a bit of suction and tightness. As for my personal experience, this was a pretty good choice for my first ever onahole. When looking at others, I was always apprehensive about two things: Cleaning, and size. A lot of holes with more interestingly shaped insides have crevices and pockets that can be hard to clean out, and are made of materials that you can rip during cleaning if your not careful, but there's no such worries with this. Similarly, I'm slightly above average length (6.5 inches), so I scroll by a lot of holes and ask myself "is that 5 inch onahole gonna be enough?" But I can easily bottom out in the flip and not have to worry, and the modular pressure spots are way nicer than you might expect, supplying on-the-fly stimulation where you want it most. It's not quite without its cons, though. $50 is not the cheapest, considering how many other options there are in the 20-30 range, but granted none of them do anything like what a flip will do, so it may be justified. While White isn't technically their most stimulating, there were still moments when it felt like just a bit much at the tip. Those of you wanting to have your head bullied will likely have a lot of fun with that top button, but I personally had to slow down on occasion The middle button does make things a bit tighter, but a vacuum seal it is not, and it may be my girth or a defect but you could hear air going back into that thing while thrusting with the middle button held down. All in all, this is still an amazing hole that I would recommend to just about anybody

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