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Tenka Ikketsu Hasamare Henge

Hentai Onahole by Ride
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Intense Hentai Pocket Pussy

The Tenka Ikketsu Hasamare Henge Onahole by Ride Japan is the successor to the popular Tenka Ikketsu pocket pussy with an improved design. It features a unique expanding and contracting material on the inner tunnel that provides a constant snug squeeze to your member as you penetrate it and also a plump clitoris that looks inviting and provides further stimulation. The size and the soft outer material of this sex toy allow you to apply pressure and be in full control of the action while inside. As always with Ride products, the box also features some beautiful artwork of a sexy hentai anime-style girl to get you in the mood. If you were a fan of the original and classic Tenka Ikketsu Onahole, you are absolutely going to love this improved version.

The Tenka Ikketsu Hasamare Henge Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Hentai Onahole By Ride Japan
  • Dual-Layer Design For Maximum Pleasure
  • using Ride's super smooth and soft Baby Touch material
  • Great Box Design & Artwork
  • Stimulating Inner Tunnel
  • Complimentary Pack of Lubricant
  • Weight: 400 Grams - Dimensions: 175 x 70 mm


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