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Toy´s Heart Lotion Natural

Lotion by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Lotion

High quality lotion from Toys Heart - perfect for every male masturbator

A very special natural enhancement lube from Toys Heart. The Toy's Heart Lotion is specially designed to increase libido and maintain stronger and longer-lasting erections. Using a mix of natural ingredients such as black turmeric and black ginger, this effect has traditionally been called a 'aphrodisiac super stimulant', and now it's contained in a bottle of lotion. This is the Natural version of the lube for a perfect blend of consistency, suitable for any onahole or sex toy on our shop.

The Toy´s Heart Lotion Natural features
  • High quality lube from Japan
  • made by Toys Heart
  • perfect for every onahole or male masturbator
  • 300ml Volume


1 Customer Reviews for Toy´s Heart Lotion Natural

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by Lewd Snake November 8, 2016
Good standard hole lotion for a budget price

In comparison to the much more popular Onatsuyu Lotion (also from the same maker, Toy's Heart) - this is around 2$ cheaper(6$ vs 8$) but has 70ml less content (300ml vs 370ml).

Viscosity-wise, it's about the same as most "natural" or "normal" type lotions. It isn't too slippery nor is it dry. No notable smell either. This is as good as most standard hole lotions out there.

The liquid is easy to apply as the bottle has a nozzle beneath the screw-cap dome.

No lewd art on the bottle which is good if you're in one of those countries that have strict laws against pornography.

I had to google what the featured ingredients actually do (black turmeric and black ginger) because the details on this page was pretty vague - it seems it helps increase blood flow by dilating capillaries where it is applied but I do not see any huge difference (maybe it's placebo?).

Overall: It's cheap, has a good amount, and nice quality.

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