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Used Japanese School Girl Bloomers

Japanese School Girl Style by Magic Eyes

used Japanese School Girl bloomers

The original List Price of the Used Japanese School Girl Bloomers is: $32.67. With us, you save $15.89 (49%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Product Type: Japanese School Girl Style


Very cute Bloomers with the fabricated smell of being worn by a japanese school girl. Right after gym class, all sweaty. The lightly sour scent of sweat is mixing with the natural sweet scent of an innocent japanese school girl. The Used Japanese School Girl Bloomers are great to enjoy on their own but are even more fun to enjoy on a Love Doll, Torso masturbator or any regular male masturbator. This scent adds a lot of realism to the fantasy and is a must have if school girls are your thing. Made by Magic Eyes.

The Used Japanese School Girl Bloomers by Magic Eyes features
  • realistically fabricated scent of Bloomers worn by a young and innocent japanese school girl
  • perfect addition to a Love Doll or any male masturbator
  • also lots of fun to use it stand alone
  • comes in a sealed package with photo


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