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Wet Meiki MONSTER Chimera

by Magic Eyes
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A truly intense experience with this Pocket Pussy
Maker Magic Eyes

The Wet Meiki MONSTER Chimera Onahole is a monster-themed male masturbator that is hungry for your shaft. This onahole features an outer design that looks half-vagina, half monster, with a weave of meaty chords, folds, flaps and tubes. The fleshy substance surrounding the entrance looks like a mound of labial folds. Open up the hole and you'll find this monster girls' deep pink cave that is ready to devour your penis with a tight and sensual grip. The Wet Meiki MONSTER Chimera is made by Ride Japan's Bungee Touch material who worked together with Magic Eyes on this Onahole. The material is elastic and also fits larger members perfectly. Apply the bottle of 50ml monster lubricant contained within the box and feed this voracious love freak your seed deep inside her hole.

The Wet Meiki MONSTER Chimera Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Moster Themed Onahole By Magic Eyes Japan
  • Durable Single-layer Design
  • Made by the unique Bungee Touch Material
  • Tight & Stimulating Inner Tunnel
  • 50ml Bottle of Lubricant
  • Weight: 400 Grams
  • Dimensions: 170 x 65 x 80 mm

User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/3/2022

    One of my best onaholes

    -Stimulation: I got 7 onaholes so far and this one has the best stimulation. From the start to the middle is amazing, and i like to play a bit on the end of the tunnel because the inside layer makes you think you are at the end of it but you can "slide" in to something more and that part is really stimulating. Perfect size and heavyness. Also very good pricing for such a good onahole. 5/5 -Box: As always the boxes of Magic Eyes are amazing. Although ive seen better ones with a little more details. 4/5 -Lube 50ml: Im literally serious when writting that this lube is MADE for this onahole. It doesent feel the same if you use it with a different lube. One of the best lubes ive had! 5/5 -Cleaning: Its as easy as every other onahole of this size but you have to doublecheck if you did dry that "last part" that i mentioned earlier because its hard to get to it. 4/5 (this is just a personal opinion) Cleaning isnt tedious for me, indeed i dont argue to clean that "last" part cause thats how i discovered it. But maybe it could be tedious for someone.

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  • | 3/1/2019

    Also your first choice? Go for it!

    Well, I am no professional so I can't give you any amazing review. First off I bought this as an introduction to onaholes, I've used "local, typical ones" from the shops here, so I wanted to try something exotic. And oh boy, this is what I ended up with! It truly looks "horrendous" in a good way, I'm not some monstergirl fetishist, but if you look at the pictures I am sure you get what I mean. It truly is a monster by design and both looks like it and feels like it, and it's not trying too hard at it either. The box design is simply amazing, and it definetly fit my criteria about not being generic. About the lube: this is perfect. You spent 2500 yen on this, and it even has free 50ml lube? Wow, what value. Usually you only get a single-use sample pack even with stuff that costs way more. Stores usually sell 100ml packs, so you can see this is very generous for a start and should let you use it enough to get a feel of it. About the length: Well, I bought this for the length. I think it is very important that you don't get one that is too short, unless that is your fetish. It might not still be enough, but I would say this one works unless you consider yourself bigger than average. For me it fits, but it seems to be able to stretch a bit if you are in doubt. All in all well worth your money and time!

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  • | 11/3/2018

    A comforting creature

    My second onahole, first ever Meiki. I had heard that these often smell pretty bad out of the box but mine had almost no scent to it whatsoever, so that's a plus, not to mention the free bottle of lube you get with it (a respectable 50 ml and the bottle itself is much nicer than the little packets you see elsewhere). The lube is also decent quality, if slightly goopy. Nothing super amazing, but it gets the job done. I didn't even have to reapply during a 20-30 minute session. It's not quite my full length (putting it side-by side makes it end right before the head) but since it's that marshmellowy meiki material there's no problem stretching it just a tiny bit to go that extra inch or so in. It's even kinda fun to see that little bulge at the end. Another thing I sometimes worry about with these types of holes is that being so soft is nice, but being floppy can make things awkward during use; I'm pleased to say there were no such issues here unless I was intentionally bending it around (and it was also nice and soft) As for the hole itself, it's relatively mellow but still perfectly stimulating. I kinda wish there was an internal view on the box or among the images here so I could tell what was what, but you can still tell that different parts feel different (which is more than can be said for a few other holes). Something that's kinda cool that you can't really see tell from the pictures is that it's got some little octopus-tentacle things around the opening, furthering that "monster" experience just a little more. As for quality, I went pretty hard on it, and the opening isn't quite a perfect circle any more, but anything important is still just as it was. Though it did also come with a number of little air bubbles on the surface straight out of the box, particularly on the underside of the... head? Lips? ...the hair of the abstract chick on the front? Though given the already intentionally grotesque aesthetic this affects things very little. All in all I'd say this was well worth my money. Monster-themed onas are hard to come by, and some of the ones out there end up ruined by trying to be too alien and ending up unusable, or trying to play things safe and ending up boring. The Chimera, however, sits in a nice sweet spot interesting and familiar

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