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White Gal L-ONE

by Toys Heart
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Hentai pocket pussy
Maker Toys HeartProduct Type 97

The White Gal L-ONE onahole by Toys Heart is a male masturbator based on the popular japanese Gal's. A Gal is a young, mostly school girl who is usually tanned and crazy dressed. They like to party and you can party with them now. The White Gal L-ONE is a simple but very effective pocket pussy. It offers a good and intense stimulation with a total of 6 different shaped chambers on the inside, each with different sensations. On the outside you have a nice grip to hold the White Gal L-ONE during your session. Made with a stretchable single layer material, this onahole is easy to clean and to use. Small enough to hide and take with you on travels is the White Gal L-ONE pocket pussy the ideal love companion. Made in Japan.

The White Gal L-ONE male sex toy by Toys Heart features

  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • stimulating and durable design
  • easy to clean and use
  • weight of this onahole is about 203 Grams
  • size of this onahole is approx. 160x49mm
  • this pocket pussy comes together with a free sample lube

User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/8/2023

    Just find better one

    This was not the total dissapointment, but i definetelly thought that it will be better. This onahole is too loose and not very stimulating. I have a lot better toys for the same price.

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  • | 12/10/2019


    This is one of those unknown holes nobody knows about that should surprise everyone. And it does. This hole might actually be somewhat good. The box art? Really nice. I have a thing for blondes. And for blue eyes. Double points if it has both. The entrance of this hole is nice enough. Not too big, not too small. I may have used a little too much lube. The inside? Feels great. The biggest issue of this hole, as stated by the title: it's faulty. You see, I used significantly more lube than I normally would, for fear of tearing a new hole. So I get down to business. In and out. In and out. It feels amazing. But every so often, there was this moist feeling on the far end of the hole. On the outside. Which is weird. Because I don't lube up the outside. As it turned out, there was this ever so tiny hole on the far side. "But Tristan, that means you must've torn it". Well, no. I mentioned using too much lube, the inside was well lubricated to the point where it actually started leaking out. Besides, this hole wasn't caused by tearing. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that this hole has a production error. The hole looked as if someone had pierced it with a needle. No points for this one

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