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4th Generation Nippori Ban Shinsei Gokujo Nama Goshi Hashimoto Arina

Hip Onahole by NPG
US$224.40 save US$31.03
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Huge replica Masturbator based on JAV Star Hashimoto Arina
Maker NPGProduct Type Hip Onahole

Weight 7000 Grams
Dimensions 285×290×180mm

User Reviews

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  • | 10/13/2022

    Realistic Feeling (Probably)

    OH! This is such an eye candy! Got me aroused :3 After 1 month of usage, it is true that it feels less durable than other onahole like others have said. I've only ever tried hand held ones from EXE, ToysHeart and Magic Eyes and they feel more durable and much less oily than this. (Lack of experience with other big toys). Compared to the unbranded chinese torso toys, this texture here feels more enjoyable and the material inside feels well made to glide through without too much lube. It is however less oily than unbranded torso toys (phew). Right, the durability. Very slight tears at the vaginal folds, and god damn it's soft and nice to touch those lips (smackk smack), it feels very delicate which I appreciate the difference from the ass meat. (I'm not very rough against this cutie yuhh). This does feels nice to touch even more so after powdering, but still it feels a little sticky than smooth without powdering (grab release grab release kind of feel). This. Is. Heavy. so sometime my nails "dig" into the flat base and well... it tore very slightly ;^) and other parts of the ass it seems a bit like it's peeling off the upper layer very slightly, not really observable during usage though. Next the main dish, the vaginal penetration is deeeeeeeeep, not incredibly stimulating but it's adequate to make me come 3 times in a session. Fits snugly, doesn't choke you or attempt to expel your meat in disgust like those tight onaholes. Personal favourite is to let it sit on you, the weight makes a world of difference, but make sure the butt cheeks is facing you, flat base isn't really stimulating you know :( Now this is jiggly enough for me and it doesn't wobble so if you slam against it, it kinda bounce back to you? :D Anal penetration is a little tighter but not so much, it's shorter but otherwise not as interesting. Now the cleaning. I use a drying stick and for the anal passage, it dries in 1 try. Vaginal passage requires me to dry 2 times, especially the 40% at the end, the folds kinda accumulate water that are still there after shaking. This is heavy so I recommend you have enough space to wash this as you would be glad to put this on the floor. Lastly, I don't think the price is justified even though I got it on sale, especially due to the delivery charges for the weight. This is enjoyable but it is a huge jump in price for the experience from hand held ones, but this is hands free which is much more enjoyable.

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  • | 1/17/2021

    Awesome Hip

    this is the ultimate JAV Star experience....I tell you

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