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Akaris Breasts Original (Akari chan no Oppai)

HUGE !!! by TM Anime Goods
US$961.72 save US$446.62
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The original Tits from the Hit Hentai Anime Yareruko! Densha Ecchi

Product Weight (without the package): approx. 11200 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 450x420x150mm

Maker: TM Anime GoodsCup Size: HUGE !!!
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User Reviews

9 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/21/2020

    If you love big tits, this is the perfect one for you.

    I am a big boob lover and i didn't want DD's. I wanted huge tits, at the time this was the biggest one.

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  • | 3/18/2020

    good bargain

    When I bought this product I wondered why it had such a high value, when I opened the order I was surprised by the high quality of the product, a little difficult to hide if in case it is a description you want, but it works very well as an onahole and also as an excellent piece of collection

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  • | 4/16/2019


    My eyes just about popped out of my head when I first opened the package. They are definitely massive! And super soft. Although it could really use a more solid platform. Some of the skin under the boobs started to rip a little. But as long as you keep it on a flat hard surface, you should be good. They are also very heavy, so be very careful. All together though, it is a great toy. It more then satisfied me a thousand times. A bit pricey, but definitely good for big tit lovers.

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  • | 4/23/2018

    None like it...

    This product is other breast toy compares to it in size. Wanna go Big? This is it. Plus, they're soft, squishy, and very bouncy. On the other hand, you'll have to get use to their heaviness, they're gonna make you work lol. It's true that a implanted sturdy base probably would have helped, but can't complain too much; this product is the bomb. If you're a fan of really huge breasts, this is the best recommended choice. Now, before thinking of buying: make sure you have a good place to store it, expect the additional cost for shipping, product maintenance/handling the product with care(clean, powder, etc...). Lastly, when ready to use it, make sure the base to put it on is solid or it may easily flop. Other than that, just enjoy!(this product is like a dream come true...) Thanks to the creators,

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  • | 4/12/2018

    more expensive than a torso

    This has to be the most expensive pair i have ever witness on sale. I strongly recommend taking a look at magic eyes I Cup Fucking Tits for comparison before making a sound purchase. Regardless of any promotional discount event, buying this is not a smart move even though the quality is impeccable. I suggest buying a full torso instead with this kind of money.

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  • | 4/10/2018

    Large & Soft

    I'll just get to it. They're huge 10/10, They're soft 10/10, They're durable 10/10. Price is only problem but other than that, you a titty fan or paizuri fan? You owe it to yourself to buy it.

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  • | 3/27/2018

    you won't find a more expensive pair of tits at this price

    I honestly enjoy this set of boobs but the price is way too high. I own the "Busty Ai-Chan Pink", "I Cup Fucking Tits", "Real Body Ultimate Breasts", "Nippori ver. Shinsei Gokujo Namachichi Okita Anri" and counting, yes I know that's a lot, but most of the money for this pair can be better spent on full body torso on this same website with much change leftover. This pair of tits pales in comparison to the I Cup Fucking Tits rivaling this in size and feel but cost 1/5 of its price. To compare, the diameter of each boob beats I Cup Fucking Tits by the slight millimeter, but the I Cup Fucking Tits jiggle is slightly better. The feel of both are pretty much the same, this one has more of a marshmallow feel. For the use, well... they both make me happy as they both cover my junk pretty well and it feels great during use. Clean up is easier in the shower, add baby powder after, and also try to keep the plastic container that it came in so it can maintain its shape. If the container is taking too much space, just trim around the container to reduce the size.

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  • | 3/4/2018

    Almost perfect!

    This is my 3rd Oppai purchase from this store. First being the one from G-Mode and the I-Cup from Magic Eyes. Though I love both products, they aren't really made to my preference. From looking at the product page, it looked pretty big but I was still unconvinced. When the package arrived I was quite impressed. I wanted huge...I got huge...With each side as big as someone's head or bigger; like you can probably talk to each of them and have deep meaning conversations before making out with them as if they were a beautiful twins. The product is super squishy and jiggly. But because it's also heavy, it's quite difficult to transport and will flop all over the place. I agree that a more sturdy base would have been great. Minor flaw but I still give it 5 stars because this is basically what I want in terms of size. Price on the other hand I felt is pretty expensive. I did watch the anime where Akari-chan originated from so that kinda convinced me to lean towards buy and overlook the price. May even buy the Ass product just to complete the set...regret not buying the special limited time deal T_T As the previous reviewer states: it's oily when you get it since it's probably coated from manufacturing. You can wash it with gentle soap and water to clean the oil off and once it dries, coat it with corn starch baby powder for a nice smooth feeling. With my previous purchases, I noticed without the oil/powder, the product's materials will stick together which can probably cause small tears.

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  • | 2/21/2018

    Heavy & Huge!

    I bought these because they were the largest I could find, and the size certainly didn’t disappoint! Unfortunately they are *very* unruly to handle; a semi-rigid backing/skeleton in the base would have been a good design. Also, they seem to leave an oily residue on any surface they are laid on. All in all, they are huge and soft and pretty cool.

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