• Sku: 名器の品格 下付名器
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Dignity of Meiki (Lower)

Meiki Onahole by NPG

Original Meiki onahole from Japan

The original List Price of the Dignity of Meiki (Lower) is: $88.00. With us, you save $36.15 (42%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: NPG
  • Product Type: Meiki Onahole, Single Layer Onahole


Another beautiful and well designed Meiki onahole which delivers a tight amount of pressure in a thick, plump vagina. Made by NPG is this male sex toy part of the legendary Meiki series. The walls are multi-textured to feel as good as possible. Presentation is key here, as the Dignity of Meiki (Lower) is packed in a beautiful wooden box to make the whole experience feel premium. Sometimes you need to treat yourself to a premium pull every now and then. Sex toys for men are rarely coming in such a beautiful presented way. You could put the box on your book shelf without anyone realizing that a male sex toys is inside, waiting to give pleasure to its owner.

The Dignity of Meiki (Lower) from NPG features
  • Genuine japanese onahole from NPG
  • Comes in a beautiful wooden box
  • Part of the legendary Meiki series
  • Weight about 670 Grams
  • Item dimensions approx. 170mm length
  • Comes with a small sample lotion


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