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Belly Fairy Maid

by A-One
US$29.70 save US$9.27
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Belly Bulge Fetish Pussy Stroker
Maker A-One

The Belly Fairy Maid Onahole is a unique Belly Bulge themed Stroker made by A-One. She has a cute and curvy body, perky tits, an inviting camel-toe pussy, and of course, a large round tummy. She also has an extremely pleasurable tight vagina consisting of a meandering tube veiled with various soft bumps and ribs that engulf, grip and stroke the length of your shaft. The small chamber at the back of the tunnel even replicates a womb so you can fulfil your penetration fetish while also experiencing the strong vacuum suction that keeps everything firmly gripped around your member. If you have a bulging belly fetish, this superb premium male masturbator is the obvious choice, and watching her belly expand and contract on every stroke is simply mesmerising.

The Belly Fairy Maid Onahole Features:

  • Unique Bulging Belly Theme
  • Mini-Torso Structure
  • Womb-Like Structure at the end of the Inner Tunnel
  • Comes With Complimentary Lubricant
  • Weight: 400 Grams
  • Dimensions: Length: 140 mm

User Reviews

8 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/9/2024

    worth when cheap

    good toy if you've got a size diff kink and wanna have fun with a fairy, only problem is thin material on the back so very easy to cause holes. I enjoy mine, but it does squirt lube out of a small hole on its back shoulder-blade and has since use 2. only worth it when its $20 or less, throw in in with some other toys that arrive sooner

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  • | 9/16/2023

    Could be Tighter

    It's great quality and it feels good but I think it could be a-lot tighter on the inside IMO.

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  • | 12/10/2022

    Don't Expect to Bulge...

    I can't be more agree with the review of VeeVeeVee. Read hers !

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  • | 3/10/2022


    Pros- the box art is nice and the bulge gimmick works, tho sometime when i do it i'm scared it will break, it's easy to clean and dry Cons- i wish it came with more lube

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  • | 2/28/2022

    feels great

    The texture is amazing the firmness is super soft. the only issue with it is if you are not careful there is a certain area you can push a hole through and that really sucks since the lotion you use comes out of the new hole

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  • | 10/27/2018

    Don't Expect to Bulge

    I have a huge belly bulge fetish, so I was pretty excited about this. But the belly isn't something you create by pushing. It's just a chamber that is already there, which is dissapointing. The belly angle is also weird, so instead of a bulge out the stomach, you sort of poke out the chest. Other than that, the material is good, and the feeling of the normal hole is pretty decent. The price is relatively cheap at well. Pros: Good feel Cheap Nice quality Cons: Not "real" bulge

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  • | 2/7/2018

    Good product

    Pros Good package artwork Good sensation Good gimmick Very soft Cons None Thoughts Pretty good

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  • | 9/23/2017

    Solid Purchase!

    Pros -Nice visuals -Surprising amount of sensation from a soft hole -Because of the extra space from the gimmick, adjusting your grip changes the way it feels Neutral -Smell is a bit awful out of bag, but it fades with one wash. -Soft hole accommodates larger sizes. Cons -The gimmick doesn't really work. It will, in fact, ruin the onahole. -As above- Using the 'belly' caused the layers to separate, forming bubbles and eventually ruining the hole. A low price for a good onahole, it's got my recommendation. Steer clear of the gimmick.

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