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CAUTION ! Tight Hole BIG

by Toys Heart
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Comes with a small pack of lotion. Made in Japan.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 October 2
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 320 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 175x75mm

Maker: Toys Heart
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User Reviews

10 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 5/3/2021

    Very tight, great feeling

    This gives an amazing feeling when you push your member fully inside of her. Nice and large ona too so I could fit my member in all the way to the base, the tightness in the second half of the ona is one amazing feeling. Great solid purchase, have used it occasionally over a few months, can't say I can see any damage.

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  • | 10/10/2020

    Was a bit difficult to get in, and while inside yes tight. Reading the other reviews about breaking the back out, yes it looks and feels too thin and the eventuall break I do see happening. But for now its nice to use, really small so yeah I was surprised

    A bit small I knew the dimensions but didn't put it into realization, the back end feels like it'll give way but for the price it's a good deal.

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  • | 5/17/2019

    Better quality compared to the smaller "Tight Hole" counterpart, but..

    The entrance of the onahole is actually ~2cm from the 70mm chamber, so you really have to push very snugly to reach further unless your guy is 15cm+. The ribs in the first chamber don't feel as stimulating as expected, and the back side of the onahole is pretty thin compared to the rest, making it prone to tearing. It's better than its Tight Hole" loli counterpart, but could be better.

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  • | 7/6/2018

    Amazingly tight

    This onahole is real tight. Everything's is stated in the other reviews but man this onahole can survive for a long time while maintaining its tightness.

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  • | 2/10/2018

    It's a very tight hole but I loved it.

    Like the summary says, I loved the feeling of the tightness. I just lubed the hole up a bit more than the usual and it went like a charm. The first times I almost could not get into the last bit but after a bit of using the hole, it stretched and now I can enter that part without any problems.

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  • | 10/17/2017

    The best onahole I've ever used.

    It is quite the best thing I've came across that has not seem to disappoint me yet. It's definitely tight and the insides give such amazing stimulation with even the mid pocket giving even more to the head/tip. Despite it's tightness and the amount of times I've used it, I haven't seem a single rip. Recommended to everyone.

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  • | 5/24/2017

    Very tight and very pleasurable!

    The felling of this onahole is amazing. The first "half" of this onahole is very tight. And then comes the second half which is even tighter. The rips inside provides a lot of pleasure. However when it is a little more difficult to feel the rips when it comes to the second half. This does not deduct any points away from this toy as it is still VERY pleasurable and it has become the toy I end up choosing the majority of the time. The material seems sturdy enough that it will take a long time for it to break. It can be a bit hard to clean. Not necessarily to get it clean more to get it dry. I would recommend one of those little sponges on sticks. I suppose you could turn this onahole inside out to clean/dry it easier but I have not tried that as I'm afraid of potentially damaging the rips inside the tightest tunnel. In short I would recommend this hole to anyone.

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  • | 3/24/2017

    Nice and Snug!

    Hole is tight as heck and I've been using it a lot! only downside is that it's so thick that it's hard to push it all the way down when using it

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  • | 2/24/2017

    Pure quality!

    This tightness in this hole is amazing and gives off the best stimulation. It's is very solid and is also very durable so you could go however you like it. Easy to clean and would recommend it to anyone who wants quality.

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  • | 6/7/2016


    Love the tightness of this onahole. Was looking for an tight hole and this was an amazing onahole. It resist all the way when using it forces you out witch creats a great feeling. You have got to be really aroused if your going to use best feeling in an onahole i have had so far just amazing also only for average size guys or might be painful for larger guys. Soild and thick maintains pressure really well.

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