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Chibiko Idol Sakura

Virgin Onahole by PPP
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Product Type: Virgin Onahole

Virgin loli themed male masturbator

Calling all loli lovers, the Chibiko Idol Sakura onahole by PPP is here! This stunning 1.5k onahole is a visual delight. Her slender torso features every little detail from her perky little breasts to her adorable belly. Chibiko Idol Sakura features both holes created in realistic detail. You'll feel every bump and fight every tight curve within her sexy little body. She'll come down hard and the soft material reacts in an amazing way. Spread those lips and enjoy, as the Chibiko Idol Sakura onahole comes with a bottle of lube! This is the ultimate way of enjoying loli sex.

The Chibiko Idol Sakura onahole by PPP features
  • Virgin loli themed male sex toy
  • made by PPP
  • slender torso with perky little breasts
  • onahole weight about 1500 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 200x140x110mm
  • comes with a small bottle of sample lube


10 Customer Reviews for Chibiko Idol Sakura

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by josh October 15, 2020
10/5 best hip for price!

my very first hip but without a doubt amazing. amazing everything weigh,size,feeling and texture. heavily used for awhile now. durability is good. heavy use so im seeing some where but nothing drastic just micro tare at entrance (could just be size issue). overall amazing product

by Ale April 28, 2020
Bom quadril

Um quadril meio pequeno pro meu gosto, mas o prazer é garantido, eu compraria de novo esse produto

by JoeLikesJapan February 17, 2020
A good starter hip

-has nice weight to give a bouncy feel
-You can feel the backside of the hip well (considering most guys like hips for the feeling of the but too)
-relatively cheap for it's make

-The anal entrance tore a little for me but I think that's a common thing so meh
-hard to clean but worth it

by Dreizehn November 14, 2019
It's kinda meh

The insides feel... Just kinda meh... Too soft for my liking. It's well made and the price ain't bad either but this definitely wasn't my gig.

by Ace May 25, 2019
Very good quality

I like how it feels, plus the double hole feature makes it more fun to use. I recommend if you want a good onahole to use.

by Borja Moisés March 29, 2019

It’s a good large-size onahole, but the vagina is not quite good, it’s a little bit too hard, but the anal hole feels quite good.

by Kris February 3, 2017
Nice Loli onahole

The size of this onahole is decent and the inside feels amazing. I really enjoy the two holes since they both feel great! I recommend this for anyone who wants a durable product with a decent price.

by Cr4zyDuck October 21, 2016
Lolicious onahip!

If you love lolis and good looking onahip, then you should definitely think about getting this product. The design is really amazing and looks freaking cute. Both the pussy are double layered with a nice pinkish membrane which looks pretty durable. The weight and lenght are perfect for my size, and the sensations it delivers are awesome. Cleaning and drying is rather easy. Just be carefull to not leaving it around your room or inside your bathroom in case a member of your family finds it!
I bought my with the loli packaging and I didn't have any trouble (i live in France)

All in all, great purchase.

by player June 12, 2016

really good for its price. i really love it use it every day

by EGOIST May 20, 2016
Really nice loli Onahole!

Firstly the size of the onahole is okay.
The inner structure of the onahole is great.
I really like both of the holes, but i prefer the anal one.
The lube is also very nice. :3

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