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erotic number ! HARD type

by A-One
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Maker A-One

Product Weight (without the package): approx. 140 Grams
Product Dimensions: -

User Reviews

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  • | 8/8/2019

    The Queen of the Trio

    Whenever I hear people saying that, out of the three Erotic Number! onaholes, the Normal Type is the best, my immediate to-go question is "sure, but have you tried the Hard one?" Because, simple as that, I have no doubt in saying that the Hard Type Erotic Number! onahole is the queen of the trio. Just as the name implies, it's a really sturdy and rigid onahole; when you get it off its box the first time it feels like a rigid wand, almost like a dildo. At first, it got me a little worried; despite you could argue that all three of the Erotic Number! products are loli holes, the Hard Type is truly the loli-est: super tight, super rigid, super small and with such a small and rock-hard entrance that your pinkie barely enters it without lube. But when put to use, however, all fears wash away: the onahole stretches and completely engulf your member after a couple of pushes (but you still need to hold it: being a really light and rigid hole, it tends to come off), and its insides, extremely tight and full of hard rings, stimulate your member from every single angle. Have also to note that, however, the "end zone" is basically non-existent, and the tunnel ends abruptly into a very smooth surface. Also very important to note that this one is the easier to clean in my whole collection: you just fill it with water, rinse and repeat a couple times. And voilà, good as new. Extremely recommended, one of the best starting/beginners product.

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  • | 10/8/2017

    Quite sturdy

    Hard type lives up to its name; material feels quite sturdy, although the entrance hole is super small (a bit smaller than an apple device charging port). Was quite surprised when it could stretch as wide as it did. Doesn't flop around as much as A-one's Ayase product (although if you don't hold onto the onahole with one hand it'll still shoot off like a rocket). Cleaning wise, you need to hold open the hole for water to get in, but the material feels quite durable so I wouldn't worry to much about it breaking. For drying, you should use a cotton pad to pat most of the inside dry, since it's hard for air to get in due to the small hole. The inside isn't very sticky, so it makes cleaning easier. Came with a little defect on the entrance (small, loose bits of the onahole material dangling around), but it shouldn't matter too much. Comes with a pack of lube as well (probably good for 2 or 3 sessions of fap).

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