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G Project Hole Quick Dry PVA Sponge Stick

by G Project
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Dry your Onaholes super quick on the inside

The G Project Hole Quick Dry PVA Sponge Stick is one of the most practical items for frequent onahole and male masturbator users! This easy-to-use sponge stick absorbs any excess moisture from difficult to reach places, and features special anti-bacterial properties, ensuring your favorite toys remain clean and hygienic even after many uses. This handy maintenance dry stick even features a flexible structure so that it can fit inside toys of various shapes and sizes without fear of doing any damage to your beloved penis polisher.

The G-Project Hole Quick Dry PVA Sponge Stick Features:
  • High-Quality Sponge Dry Stick
  • Dries Out Onahole Insides Super Quick
  • Keep Your Favorite Toys Clean & Hygienic
  • Flexible Structure Enables it to Be Used With Various Tunnel Shapes & Sizes


3 Customer Reviews for G Project Hole Quick Dry PVA Sponge Stick

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by Edan August 22, 2020
Practical but not perfect

Have used this stick for some time now. It absorbs a lot of the moisture of. the tunnel but it's not absorbing everything.

It's definitely doing its work but I'd recommend using it with other drying tools, so the toys can truly dry off better.

I'm still satisfied with the stick, maybe a bit expensive but better than always using my finger with a towel.

by Homie August 19, 2020
Does it’s job

I used this dry stick on tons of different toys and it works really well. I let it dry and used it for a couple more times before it started to bend so I recommend using it carefully and wait till it’s fully dry. Other than that it is a must have :)

by Classified August 18, 2020
Worth getting

I often use this to quickly suck up the moisture before i put the onaholes on the drystand i also bought from OtonaJP. This product does a pretty decent job at what it's meant to do, it isn't perfect and won't dry everything but with other tools it's a quite invaluable product.

I would definitely recommend this product to any onahole user.

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