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Goku Tama Virgin

by G Project
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Tight Virgin Pocket Pussy
Maker G Project

The Goku Tama Virgin Onahole replicates the feeling of penetrating a horny virgin girl for the very first time. Made from G-Project's superb "Grow Up Skin" materials and featuring a snug inner tunnel made up of various nubbed protrusion throughout, this virgin's pussy is as stimulating as they come. From the soft, squishy and stretchy exterior to the deep and sensual love tunnel, everything about the Goku Tama Virgin Onahole was designed to feel amazing wrapped around your member. As with most of G-Project’s toys, this pocket pussy comes in a nice box with beautiful artwork of a sexy young virgin maid, drawn by a popular hentai artist.

The Goku Tama Virgin Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Virgin-Themed Male Masturbator by G-Project
  • Virgin maid Theme
  • Made from G-Proejcts Special Grow Up Skin Materials
  • Odourless & Non-Sticky Materials
  • Comes With Complimentary Lubricant
  • Weight: 300 Grams
  • Dimensions: 130 x 65 mm

User Reviews

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  • | 5/4/2023

    Small and painful

    Unfortunately I don't have many positive things to say about the Goku-Tama Virgin. It's very small. I'd guess around 4 to 5 inches inside, length wise. The inside of the ona is nothing but bumps, which looked very appealing and the main reason I decided to purchase. Sadly it just feels strange and very unrealistic. With so little room inside even an average guy like me can't fit all the way in. This means the water-based lube ends up drying out constantly. Without constant reapplication of lube, this thing just ends up being painful to use. It doesn't massage you to an awesome completion like good onas do, this one just tries to force it out of you. If that's your thing, you might like it. For $30 there are several much better options out there. Also, the opening tore after the first use, which is somewhat common with most onas but it's clear to me if I continue using this it's going to break as it is designed for a smaller sized individual.

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  • | 5/8/2022

    good quality great feel

    this is really a good quality hole with a lot of stretch to it. I love the way it feels snug without been tight like it really molds to you!

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  • | 11/26/2020

    Good Onahole

    I highly recommend this product. First off, the Onahole is made from Grow Up skin. Basically it gradually molds into the shape of your penis to suit you better. The texture of it is smooth and non sticky, which I highly appreciate because I don’t like it when onaholes are too oily or becomes sticky after washing. The size of the onahole isn’t exactly big, as I’m pretty average and it fits just about right. So it might not be the most ideal for people with really big sizes. Now off to the interior. I have to say it feels really good.You can really feel the bumps and it’s pretty stimulating. There is also a small area in the back that’s like the cervix which you can go into and it feels good as well. It’s easy enough to clean that it doesn’t discourage you from using it. Using 3 half sheets of paper towel is enough to clean it after use. It’s not an expensive onahole either.The quality and durability of the onahole makes it worth every penny. Highly recommended

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