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Puni Virgin Mini Hard

Virgin Onahole by G Project
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Product Type: Virgin Onahole

Hard male masturbator

The Puni Virgin Mini Hard onahole is not kidding around and is getting straight to business. Build on the big success of the orignal Puni Virgin Mini onahole, maker G-Project has decided to make an onahole dedicated to the lovers of hard male masturbators. You get that tight and gentle stimulation from the original but with a much harder and more firm material. It stays perfect in place and can also take rough sessions in case you are in the mood for it. The inside gives pleasure with ribs and dots and a vacuum chamber that certainly leaves no drop behind, if you know what we mean. Great addition to your collection if you like them tight and firm.

The Puni Virgin Mini Hard onahole by G-Prohect features
  • tight and hard male sex toy
  • hard version of the Puni Virgin Mini onahole
  • made with their original momochi material
  • onahole weight about 220 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 115x60x55mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube


6 Customer Reviews for Puni Virgin Mini Hard

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by TacticalBotanist April 5, 2019
Durable main driver

Used mine for about 8 months at this point. Only wear is some slight cracking at the top and bottom of the entrance, but still seems to be holding up well.

So far I haven't found any other product that matches the stimulation quite like this one - this is coming from someone who appreciates a "dick bully" hole. Its on the small side. I wouldn't go for it if you're over ~5in. Only notable stimulation spots are the nubs at the entrance and lip at the end, however.

by Cancer August 5, 2018
Not worth the money

Low cost

Poor stimulation

Other thoughts:
Might be worth your time if you're significantly below average in size (under 4 inches in length)

I threw this one out after trying to use it a few times with different lube.
It was unable to do the job any of those times.

by Maxentirunos June 6, 2018
Very Hard

This onahole is very good if you are adept of strong sensation and dick bullying, but I would not recommend it if not.
The small size coupled with the hard material make it the tightest onahole I have ever used.
You WILL need a decent amount of lotion to get into it and don't expect releasing it as it will fly off your dick fast, but the sensations are indescribable.

by CallMeMaybe April 20, 2018
Excellent Hard Onahole

As a fan of hard versions of onahole's I found this one to be excellent. Material doesn't feel cheap at all with very little smell to it that quickly fads after a few washes. Nice stimulation, might be a overpowering to one with high sensitivity. I did need to use a few times to loosen it up a bit before it became really enjoyable but that's a small complaint. Good Price and good quality, I highly recommend it.

by Alessandro March 30, 2018
Not for the faint of d...

Good quality onahole fith very firm material, lots of nubs and a small vacuum chamber that kisses the tip. A bit on the short side, but it is meant to attack the tip with extremely strong and tight stimulation. Meant for raging boners and definetly not for beginners. Recommended!

by Shu May 20, 2017
Very strong stimulations

At first I thought this onahole was bad as I could not enjoy it at all. After one month of trying out different ways to use it, I felt that going slow was the only way for me to use the onahole properly without having my legs going numb. The sensations were that crazy. Perhaps it was also because it loosened by a little bit.
However, the hole was not centered and the end of the onahole is started to rip.
Would recommend for those who needs more stimulation at a cheap price, however, do watch out as you might be greedy and go too fast , overstimulating your poor penis.

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