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Himekano Secret Lover Gyaru Onahole

Gyaru / Gal Onahole by PPP
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Product Type: Gyaru / Gal Onahole, Hentai Onahole

Masturbator based on Hentai Anime

The Himekano Secret Lover Gyaru Onahole is a hentai male masturbator based on a voluptuous and horny character from the Himekano Hentai Anime by artist M&U. The onahole features a curvaceous and chunky outer figure with perky breasts, camel toe and big ass cheeks to get you in the mood. Push through behind her tight entrance hole, you'll encounter her pleasurable love tunnel consisting of various ridges and protrusion that all combine to provide awesome stimulation along your shaft. This onahole is dual-layered for optimum pleasure and made from high-quality materials from PPP. The box also features beautiful artwork of the sexy Himenako character wearing dark stockings and displaying her enticing body.

The Himekano Secret Lover Gyaru Onahole Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Male Masturbator by PPP
  • Stimulating Dual-Layer Design
  • Great Box Artwork
  • Curvy Body Shaped Outer Design
  • Comes With 120ml Bottle of Premium Lubricant by PPP
  • Weight: 600 Grams
  • Dimensions: 160 x 90 x 70 mm


6 Customer Reviews for Himekano Secret Lover Gyaru Onahole

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by SLYFOX May 23, 2019

This onahole has one of the most realistic feeling of a vagina. The price is also good. I had no trouble cleaning it. However, the end of the inner part of the onahole seems to clamp down on my dick and hurts sometimes especially if you apply pressure to it during ejaculation. Otherwise it is still a good product.

by OnaholePete July 31, 2018
Great Grip

Very erotic design that feels good in your hand. Easy to clean and feels great.

by - March 24, 2018
The overall build quality seems to be solid

The PPP Secret Lover Himekano is a scaled body onahole that features a beautiful design and a very stimulating interior. The material is slightly stiffer, and the design of this toy is great, with my only gripe being that I wish the entrance was more realistic instead of being simply smoothly stiff. The tunnel is going to be somewhat moderately snug for an average Asian member. I found the snugness only made the experience averagely better, as going slowly produced some intense feelings. I did not enjoy this sleeve very much at all. It's a stiff sleeve that does not offer much room for flexibility in shape or positioning. It felt very artificial and did not give a supple feeling as a real vagina would. The inner texture has a few areas with nubs that seem to be too large to provide proper stimulation. The good thing about this toy is that it seems well built in quality. Does not look like it will fall apart anytime soon. It is that it has a narrower canal, and because it is stiff sleeve, provides a above average tighter feeling. It also came with what looked like 100mL of a thick unscented lubricant, which that was a nice bonus.
Unfortunately where this product falls short for me is I feel like the textured nibs towards the end are a bit too firm for my liking and they take away from the experience for me. Subsequently I've found myself reaching for a different toy instead of this one.
However, I still cannot recommend this for everyone, unless you are looking for a tight and more artificial feeling toy, with a stiffer construction, than this is your toy. Anyway, it's still a great product and beautiful design.

by anon March 2, 2018
Worth It

Very solid, good material, sits and feels great in hand. Feeling is definitely fantastic 5/5, not over the top but still a great sensation. I was suprised cleaning this thing is unbelievably easy due to the entrance so definitely another full points there. Some lube may leak out of it but at this point who cares, it's a top notch hole.

by SeedmonsterX January 23, 2018
Simply the best for its price

After using it for a while now it is one of the best feeling onaholes there is. The texture is so good and not a lot of lube is needed (you also get a free bottle of lube with it). To clean it just rinse out the inside with water and dry with a microfibre cloth

by safezone February 21, 2017
One of the best

Material is very smooth and soft. Place it in a storage box with a lot of space ! Other wise this sleeve will be deformed. Be very careful when cleaning this sleeve. The texture is amazing. You do not need a lot of lube to use this sleeve.

Very satisfied with this product. Hopefully they will have more of this in the future.

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