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Hiza Tsuki Nikku Tokki Ranbu

by Ride
(appx. 27.87 )
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  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 November 15
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 290 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: -


8 Customer Reviews for Hiza Tsuki Nikku Tokki Ranbu

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by tobi July 8, 2018
sweet and perfect

the hiza-tsuki is a well made onahole the inner design is very enjoyable i would recomend to take good care because this one is gold

by SeedmonsterX February 22, 2018
Great and aggresive

Feels so good and is durable. Gives a very stimulating feel and results in an intense finish. Pretty easy to clean too and is worth the price

by A December 19, 2017
Durable onahole, but not as tight as would like

The lips make entry easy hands free (if you put between cushion), but could be tighter. Super easy to clean and dry. Good for a quick session and cleanup.

by Wstar September 29, 2017
Cheap, durable and you can redesign it.

Got this one as I've been curious about this pink material as there are many models made with it.... This is very aggressive hole as internals are quite pointy and will rub you hard any without mercy. This will be best choice for someone, who says that most of holes are too soft and without any good detail feel vise. This one has good and very interesting details, that you will feel. Material is also very soft, but as for internal structure, it is one you will feel. Ideal hole for someone who likes to squeeze his friends head hard, and lost lots of sensation and need more stimulation. How you will feel it depends on how much lubricant you use. If little too much, you will not feel much. For my preference, this internal design was not pleasurable as it rubs and rubs and will not give slow and good orgasm or pleasurable sensation. I turned my hole around and smoothed internals with soldering iron, after this, it was much more pleasurable and less aggressive. This onahole material is super durable and quite tear resistant. After lots of uses after several months, I had no tears or any trouble. Ride has here some good stuff and it is soft and does not feel rubbery at all. It also holds lubricant great. After good distribution of lube, you needn't to apply much after. Especially since it has tighter entrance, lube will not leak out during use. Really good design and resilient material. I'll definitely look for some other models from Ride made in this pink material.

by Davis January 3, 2017
Good price and nice product

Great onahole with a lot of good features and good stimulation, for a very cheap price, recommended!

by Alexandre December 11, 2016
So good

*Quality : - I really like the material they used to make this toy. The durability seems quite good (after 10 use) no sign of tear yet.

*Value : - This onahole is very stimulating. Those bumps do a great job. The soft material wrapping around you penis give pleasant sensation.
Nothing tight or loose here. Its really provide a good massage while the inner moddling tease your weakpoint.

*Price : - 2000 yens its a fair price ( I bought it 1200 yen durring the dayly sale)

I really recommend that toy pretty cheap for the sensation it give.

by Alexandre December 6, 2016
Go for it

.Quality: - I really like the material here and the durability seems ok ( a very light tear appear at the entrance after +/- 10 use)
.Value : - Very good stimulation, the soft material wrap around your penis and those bumps inside are really stimulating. This onahole is not tight (nor loose either)
.Price: - 2000 Yens it"s a faire price to me ( I buy it when it was on dayly deal at 1200 yens)

.For me it's a very good onahole for that range of price not tight ( i don't like wen it's too tight) with a very good stimulation, I recommend it.

by bMAX August 14, 2016
The macaroni monster that will dry out your cheese!

This is a entry-level onahole that is superb for its price and durability. The internal bumps shape reminds me of a macaroni but they are very firm and stimulating: they feel like little fangs gentle biting at your gland with every stroke! Tried a couple of times and the pretty tight opening always prepares me for what is to come but... sometimes i just wish they had made this babe bigger! Since it' a onelayer kind of onahole I had no problem cleaning it and, so far, i can't recommend it enough.

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