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Immature Succubus White Ultimate Soft Fuwatoro

Onahole by Kiteru Kiteru
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Maker Kiteru KiteruSimulation VaginalFantasy Succubus/VampireHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Single LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness Soft Number of Holes 1Product Weight 550g (1.21lbs)Length/Height 150mm (5.91in)Lotion included Yes Release 2016Product Type Onahole

Made in Japan

User Reviews

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  • | 12/17/2020

    A loli wit Ex. Soft bum

    After opening its oily i understand why to keep it fresh. It’s very jiggly lik jello and squishy Id say you need to keep it clean very well with the powder be sure to clean the “outside lips” well I feel lik they’ll tear off if not not careful using it. Once you use it or her you won’t feel much again unless your sensitive lik me but if you continue with it at least 20 minutes or so maybe you’ll feel the sensation of her trying to “suck” you dry slowly. No other issues I can state but it’s good to have if your into this. Beginners do not buy unless you want the longest battle of your life XD

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  • | 11/19/2018

    This onahole is great considering the price

    It's REALLY soft. a little oily at first, just like a condom but wash it a few times, rinse the inside out too, and it'll be clean. It's probably some manufacturing residue or something to keep it sanitary when it is in its packaging. never mind that. It's studs inside, everything is soft, like, I can almost feel the shape of my hand gripping it throught he onahole walls. it's like, flesh soft. Absolutely superb. but one downside is, you can't really feel the studs because they're really soft, but if you're the really sensitive type, It'll feel so good for you . Overall, this is the best of the Succubus series. The other one was way too hard and felt like someone added hardening agent or something during the process.

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