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Virgin Age Admission Hard Version

Virgin Type Onahole by Toys Heart

Virgin male masturbator

The original List Price of the Virgin Age Admission Hard Version is: $33.00. With us, you save $11.55 (35%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: Toys Heart
  • Product Type: Virgin Type Onahole


The Virgin Age Admission Hard onahole is a tougher, firmer version of Virgin Age Admission onahole for those looking for the tightest and most hardcore virgin experience ever. This onahole doesn't mess around! Based on a vagina of a young Japanese school girl, it'll take everything you've got to get inside. Built with premium material to withstand an absolute pounding, Virgin Age Admission Hard has a unique foam-like feeling to it that'll react to your penis over time. She's really all yours! As if Virgin Age Admission Hard wasn't tight enough to begin with, the tunnel's end narrows to an insane 30mm. Just imagine trying to stretch that apart! This is truly The Dark Souls of onaholes. A perfect Virgin experience made by Toys Heart.

The Virgin Age Admission Hard Version onahole by Toys Heart features
  • Virgin male sex toy
  • tight and intense Virgin experience
  • made by Toys Heart
  • onahole weight about 240 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 130x65x110mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion


16 Customer Reviews for Virgin Age Admission Hard Version

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by Patrick June 6, 2019
Holy sweet jesus crap.

This is a must buy, it's literally the best hole i've owned and i've spent hundreds if not thousands on them. it's super tight though so i wouldn't recommend for anyone super well endowed basically anything over the international size average will have a hard time fitting into this one. i would also recommend using this with a creamy lub .

by Mr April 14, 2019
Unmatched Tightness - Not for casuals!

+Tightness is out of this world
+Sturdy build (took my hardest pounding)
+Loli asthetic (if you're into)
+Texture is above average

-Hard to handle
-Doesn't hold much lube
-RIP big dicks

|normal cleaning

Insane tightness will make this thing fling off your dick if you're not hard as diamonds and ready to rape the fuck out of a loli. I think military should do R&D on these things because the speed at which they fly off your dick could probably have some combat potential as prototype projectile.

Anyway it's not for everyone. My dick looked like it got crushed when I take it out of this so it's only for super horny/aggressive sessions, although it's ok to tease with too when not going full penetration.

Standard cleaning difficulty. Water in, clean with tool/finger, dry with special cloth. Dry well near entrance as there's a lip.

Small dick guys, you've found your waifu.

If you think you want tightness, you know naught what you wish for. This is like a cursed wish. But I'll conquer it someday.

by John Vher February 13, 2019
I was thinking of buying the normal ver. but came across the hard one , it's a hard decision to pick but both have a good amounts of review so I decided to pick this one.

Very firm, tight a hekkin tight xD

by kluni January 8, 2019

I can't think of a hole that is tighter than this one... personally, I think it is too thigh at some point that makes me a little bit not so comfortable.
If you like very very very tight hole, this is the one.

by Granin November 11, 2018
Your resistance only makes my loli pussy tighter!

Behind that cute smiling exterior lies cold hearted bitch eager to punish you if you dare to not give her all the attention she deserves.

Just nutted into another hole and trying to give her your sloppy seconds? She will crush your head making it way to sensitive to move inside.

Trying to bullshit her and not give her attention she deserves by working yourself up for few minutes? She will push that blood right back into your pathetic body.

Cheating and pouring tons of lube inside? Well, good job now you are pretty much fucking the lube and not her. AND she will launch away straight into Earth's mesosphere the moment you dare to loosen your grip.

Did everything right? Good luck holding up for more than a minute, you worthless pig.

This onahole is definitely NOT for everyone. If you are the kind of guy who just wants to enjoy himself while doing as little work as possible then you should avoid it like a plague. But if you are the kind of person who seeks challenge everywhere and/or is extremely turned on by the concept of being too big for anything that it's the best thing ever. Just don't expect to be able to have fun with it right away unless you already have a lot of experience with super tight toys.

by Cancer August 5, 2018
The tightest hardest best onahole ever

Very very very tight (the only onahole tighter than Transcending Mysterious Bodybuilder)
Very hard and firm (better material and texture than Transcending Mysterious Bodybuilder)

You must be fully and completely erect to use this otherwise your penis will bend during use or you may not even be able to enter it.
You will need very good lubricant.

Other thoughts:
I suspect this is the best onahole for men who are of average or below average size.
It has never failed to do the job and as a bonus it will do it in the most fast and efficient way possible.
Don't try to use this for a long session as your arms will become very sore (not to mention what may happen to your penis).

I will purchase another one of these onaholes if my original one ever wears out...and then another one when that one wears out...ad infinitum.

by JasonB July 24, 2018
Good tight onahole

If you like Good tight onaholes then this is a must for you collection :)

I will be looking out for more like this one 10/10


by Kazuka April 27, 2018
It truly is the "Dark Souls of Onaholes"

Okay, I seen a lot of reviews about how tight this was, but NOTHING prepares you on that... Let me explain...

First off, it's seriously tight, but because of the lack of softness, it retains it's shape quite well. this leads to a blessing and a curse as I'll explain...

Due to the hardness and tightness of this, if you aren't "raging boner" erect, you're not getting in. Use another onahole to work you up or something... You also don't want to lube up too much, but enough to get in. Not enough and it does hurt, too much and it slips off like a rocket. It really does have that much resistance and if you do lube too much, you'll want to take a paper towel or something to dry off some of the insides... Not enough and you possibly could harm your dick so it's better to have too much if anything.

But more so, you must have something to hold it in place if you want any hope of thrusting in this thing instead of stroking it. Believe me, this thing wants to fly off as if it's people needs it...

As for the feeling... it's fucking amazing... When you get it right, trust me when i say that you will not last long. I've collected about 4 fleshlights and 10 onaholes (my favorite being Sujiman Kupa Cocolo) and this intense feeling beats out any others when it comes to getting you to climax... And I always climax hard with this thing...

If you don't want as much as a fight, get the soft version instead, but this thing combined with it's size (which can take some roughness if you're big) is a challenge to use, but it's worth it.

Oh, and don't sweat cleaning. I don't turn it inside out, but due to it's insane durability, wad up some paper towel to push through it when you've cleaned it out.

But again, this is NOT for the newbies. You'll want some onahole experience before trying this one. The one that came the closest to this is Maiden so get that first before trying this version out, or get the soft version before going to hard.

by - February 6, 2018
intensest tightest of virgin age series

This is a single layer onahole but don't get me wrong, this is the tightest in comparison giving the most hellish gripping experience a man can take when using a toy. It comes with a small bottle of generic lube which i suggest to be changed to a slicker, more thinner slippery lube during use. This will help with the entry and experience while using which due to its more solid material and structure of the virgin age series, will keep pushing you back out if not enough force is constantly applied. So far, its holding strong but unsure of its ability to keep its rigid form and constant tightness in the long run.

by RobertDeSphero January 31, 2018
Beautiful, tight and a litte brutal

This is a very special onahole - this hard and tight pussy is not only beautifully designed, but it also comes in pretty good quality. But it needs to be pretty solid for a reason, because it is tight as hell, which makes using it kind of brutal from time to time. The tunnel creates a lot of resistance and suction which feels awesome. I love this thing. But be aware that this product is nothing for highly sensitive users.

by Albert January 21, 2018
Its normal counterpart is better, but this is easier to clean

Virgin age Admission (abbrev. VAA; the regular one) beats this one in almost every point except for durability and cleaning/drying.
This one is too hard for my enjoyment, and although it is still tight like VAA, the interior doesn't wrap around you snuggly and softly. You can feel the ribs due to how hard it is but for some that may not be such a good thing.
The onahole itself is quite durable due to toughness (VAA kind of ripped near the end of the onahole and makes it pretty hard to clean). Both cleaning and drying are easy since this onahole doesn't have much give (you can push your microfiber towel in without being afraid that it'll gouge out pieces of her and drying the hole is relatively straightforward because you can poke and prod without creating random crevices and sinking in).
Overall still a good onahole to use if you are busy because of the fast cleaning.

by marco antonio October 1, 2017
Favorite onahole of all time!!

This is a really really really really tight fit. I loved every second of it as well!!

First of all this is a totally legal way to feel how a true loli girl would feel. It feels amazing, and its cheap i think.

If you can handle a few pumps of this without "releasing" then i applaud you. The texture is amazing, the material is great, and im going to have to buy another one soon.


by Philip August 4, 2017
Perfect *-*

Bought to use with Hame Doll Nako
I confess that I was in the doubt between Hard, Soft and Graduation ... should have bought the 3.
The onahole is excellent, especially after being warmed internally. It really gives you the feeling of a tight, virgin vagina; if you do not control yourself you may end up very fast.
The material is very easy to clean as well.
I recommend everyone

by Ano May 24, 2017
Super tight!

This sure is a tight one.
I have a bit of a thing for tightness. I love and hate this thing.
I love it because it sure is TIGHT.
I hate it because only after a couple of minutes the extreme tightness coupled along with the pleasurable inside, results in the head of my penis getting too sensitive and needing a break away from this tight thing before it starts to get painful instead of pleasurable.
But usually due to the extreme tightness of this onahole I'll be close to climax if I haven't already before this happens.
So this toy is definitely not for "long" sessions. Unless you have a LOT of breaks.
I've actually ended up using this toy in conjuncture with another toy. Switching every time I'm a little too close just to get the session to last longer.
The toy, due to its size, is pretty easy to clean. The material seems to hold out just fine so I'm not particularly worried about it breaking anytime soon.
But if it does end up breaking I would probably try out the non-hard edition.

I would recommend this to users who has a couple of other onaholes and want a super tight one added to their collection.

by GoopFu June 9, 2016
Awesome, but word of warning

This is the only Onahole I've bought twice (I might actually buy 2 or 3 more just to keep for the future just in case!).

Even though it says "hard", it's more like firm. It's very very tight. Almost too tight. The more you use it, the better it gets so it lasts a long time. Towards the end with my old one, I used it about 4 times a week. It's perfect for simulating anal and really tight/small vaginal.

When you first get it though, it will be too tight. Even if you're average or less than average. Not tight to the pointwhere it hurts, BUT, it can hurt if you like to lay it on the bed and thrust into it. So when you first get it, I recommend just controlling it with your hands. When washing it, try using two fingers at a time to help widen it a little. After about 10-20 uses, it should stop being too tight and end up just right.

It might actually be a good idea to just get the regular edition and leave these for me! haha. But seriously, if you're new to onaholes, don't make this your first or you will hurt yourself. Get the Virginage Graduation instead or anything by toysheart or magic eyes. You can't go wrong with any of their flag ship overholes. Get this if you love firm and tight onaholes and know what you're doing. And please be careful.

by Skysymptoms June 5, 2016
More of a gimmick

First of all - this is TIGHT.
But that doesn't equate to a good experience or this being something you will ever use as a preferred masterbater.
1) It constantly pushes you backwards which means that you get a lesser experience actually. It just feels weird that way.
2) You can't really bottom out in it if you have even an average penis which will lead you to poke the top instead and have constant plastic on top of your dick experience
3) That it's tight (don't try to penetare this without a lot of lube and a raging hardon) means that you basically feel no stimulation at all as the blood to your penis is constricted heavily.
4) It just doesn't feel realistic or looks very nice in your hand.

This is more of a gimmick and/or novelty item trust me. Get something like Daisuki Hold instead of you want actual stimulation on your cock and a great experience.

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