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Virgin Age Admission

Single Layer Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Single Layer Onahole, Virgin Onahole

Japanese virgin male masturbator

The Virgin Age Admission from Toys Heart was the beginning of the legendary Virgin Age series and has been a huge success in Japan and worldwide as one of the best selling male sex toys. It offers a unique and tight design with a lovely entrance, just as you would expect it from a girl that is ready to loose her virginity to you. While its tight, its also feels very smooth in your hand and is very gentle to your best friend. It guides you down the internal tunnel with an increasing pleasure which in the end gives your Glans only about 30mm of Space. It is more than safe to say that if you are looking for a real Virgin like masturbator experience, Millions of Buyers can hardly be wrong about this awesome sex toy for men. Toys Heart has created something timeless here and you simply can't go wrong with it.

The Virgin Age Admission from Toys Heart features
  • High quality male sex toy from Toys Heart Japan
  • real Virgin experience
  • Single layer masturbator
  • about 240 Grams of weight
  • Item dimensions 130x110x65mm
  • comes with a free sample lotion


37 Customer Reviews for Virgin Age Admission

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by dudufung September 19, 2020

I'm sure from other reviews you can see that it is tight. So if you have a big one, don't buy this. If you want to try a 2 minute shoot, this is it!

by K August 11, 2020
Extremely tight & feels great

This product is very tight and stimulating. Plus due to its size, its easy to clean.

I would recommend it to others

by pk October 25, 2019
a bit too tight for my tastes

this is just insanely tight. you have to be rock hard for this to work and the pressure from the air inside trying to force its way out when you go in can be very annoying. if you let the air out it feels a bit more satisfying. worth a use once in a while when you are diamond-hard but wouldnt be my first choice. the graduation version is better but i dont think otonajp stock it anymore?

by VeeVeeVee December 24, 2018
Tight, Hard to Keep Clean

I bought this twice. One on another website. I loved it, since it's both tight but not tooo hard. However, the second time I ran into a problem with the cleaning. The material has a lot of bubbles and is a single layer. So when the inside has a couple of small tears, water, lube and you jizz gets stuck inside the small air bubble. And you can't really tell because it's hidden behind the material after stretching it. If you're not careful and flip it inside-out every now and then to dry, it gets moldy on the inside quickly.

by Kappa123 December 20, 2018
Decently Priced Onahole for its Good Feeling

+ Decent price
+ High quality onahole for its price range - outside doesn't becomes sticky.
+ Extremely stimulating since it's so tight

- Way too short. I have an average dick size, and I can't fit my whole dick in.
- Could be too tight for people who have long/large dick
- Slight plastic smell (but not really that bad)
- Onahole itself doesn't have special features other than its super tightness.

Summary (Would Recommend for Veterans, Maybe Recommend for Newbies)
It's a super tight and short onahole, so many people may get discouraged from buying this. This onahole is probably not something you want to use everyday since it's super tight. Unfortunately, it's not super stimulating other than its tightness so this may get boring. However, for just 2200-ish yen, this onahole is extremely good value and the weight is not too high (so shipping will be less hefty). I was surprised how high quality the onahole material is. Very decent onahole for its price range.

by Aussie December 19, 2018
Great product, very enjoyable.

This product is fantastic. The material is very nice and will hold your heat nicely making the experience all the more realistic and enjoyable. Highly recommend.

by Euphoria October 9, 2018
Great Starter Loli Onahole

This was my first onahole which was from a starter kit. The tightness is very enjoyable and I like how it tries to push you out. The quality is fine it never lost its elastically over a year while being used regularly. Sadly though my own lack of hygienic care I need to buy another one. This time I will be going for the Hard Version.

by Hime September 29, 2018
Cute and good to keep around

This was one of my first ones because of the size (ease of hiding) and price. I found it thanks to the widespread praise, which is deserved, I'd say.

Details out of the way first: like previously said, it's small. You'll have no problem keeping it somewhere safe. The Fine Cross material is all right. It's a nice touch and not too oily, but it does pick up dust and such a bit. Some kind of powder goes a long way with it. Also, it's cute!

The experience: it is tight, as its reputation states, but not deathly tight like the impression some descriptions give. It's just a pleasant all-encompassing sensation, rather. The way it tapers to a point assures that it'll be hugging you from every side, which isn't something all holes can do.

You'll need to keep your grip on it as it'll most likely be pushing you out the whole time. That's also a unique feature of it that's rather nice.

I've found that using it hands-free (in whatever ways you can accomplish this) yields the best sensations. I'd recommend trying a lot of things out!

Being not too elaborate on the inside, it's easy to clean. You can turn it inside out, though the thickness of the material tends to distort it a fair amount, so be careful.

It's cheap-ish, so throw it in your next order for some good value for your money.

by Scratch September 8, 2018
Small and Durable

Read a lot of reviews about this onahole and maybe they overhyped it for me a bit. Don't get me wrong it's not bad at all, but for me it feels about average for me.
I really like how durable it is which makes it very easy to clean.

by Cancer August 5, 2018
One of the best

Very very tight (the third tightest onahole I've ever used)

You have to be rock hard to use this onahole.
You better have really good lubricant.

I wouldn't recommend this to beginners or people above average (6 inches or longer) in size.
Also the hard version is significantly superior to this one.

by Jay July 18, 2018
It's just tight

This is a way too overhyped hole. For the same price you could get something like puni mini virgin, which is actually fantastic. This hole is almost overly tight with a flat tunnel, that's literally the only thing it has going for it. Using it for longer than 5 minutes can start to feel like a real chore with lack of interesting stimuli and your member getting numb from the squeezing. Build quality and price are very competitive however.

by Enrique June 30, 2018
Tight and exciting

The first time I used it I felt like a disappointment, it is small and very tight which makes it very difficult to use. but with various uses you learn to use it more adequately and reward you with tons of pleasure.

Now it is in my top 5 of onahole, I highly recommend it, definitively you should not ignore this onahole.

by Angra June 4, 2018
As good as everyone says it is

It's as good as everyone says it is. Really, really right and soooo stimulating. Not to mention, the way it pushes you out is also very nice.

by Monty April 16, 2018
Almost too tight

This hole is extremely tight which can be both a good and bad thing. I would not recommend it to someone with a bigger size though as since the tunnel is small, almost all of the stimulation will be centered near the head. Still, overall a tight, durable onahole for a cheap price.

by SeedmonsterX April 6, 2018
Tight and a good quality onahole

A relatively small, tight onahole which provides a satisfying amount of stimulation. It has a great price against some onaholes of the same quality. Would recommend this over the Virgin Age graduation

by Rorin April 2, 2018
Too tight but extremely stimulating

I bought this a couple of months ago but I haven't given it a lot of use because its incredibly tight so much so that even inserting yourself is extremely difficult however its useful for very extreme sessions, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone over 5 1/2 inches unless you'r looking for a dick bully, however the quality is good, the material doesn't feel cheap and doesn't show any wearing in the inside or the outside, I give it a 4/5 overall.

by - February 6, 2018
prefer this over graduation

This is a single layer onahole which comes with a small bottle of generic lube. This toy is slightly tighter than virgin age graduation which uses a dual layer structure instead. if you wish to get the most intense out of the virgin age series, i recommend the admission hard edition which has very aggressive bumps and ridges which tighter cavity to choke and abuse your member to no end. This toy however is a better balance between tightness and softness. Without a dual layer structure, it may be harder for this toy to keep maintaining its inner cavity shape.

by Allen February 4, 2018
Best starter onahole

If you're into intense stimulation, this is an onahole for you. However, as the shape's basic, it's mostly recommended for beginners.

by Jo November 28, 2017

The ona was amazing, I recommend you get this version of the hard version unless you absolutely think you can handle the hard version. I'm very average yet the ona still pushes me out a lot.

The stimulation is amazing, every time I go back and forth I feel it and I had a very intense orgasm with this toy.
I would recommend you buy this toy, especially for the price.

by A October 10, 2017
Super Duper tight and Durable

As my first onahole, I gotta say this made the future experiences of other onaholes not as great as they should have. This super tight onahole will shoot off into space if you let go of it; that's how tight it is. The interior is a bit harder than other onaholes, but the material is super durable. I'm still using mine after 3-ish years. It is somewhat of a pain to clean because at the very end there is that small crevice where things can get stuck, and it can also be hard to dry. Nonetheless, if you haven't bought this, you don't know what you're missing out on, so get it quick!

by Bun September 24, 2017
High stimulation

– Silent use
– Easy to clean
– Durable
– Tight, thick and stimulating

Very good price for the quality you get.

by Wstar September 23, 2017
Death grip on your head

Got this as there are many good reviews. Hole is rather small, and for larger boys it will be harder to use. Material itself is really tough and seems durable, but looks to be more rubbery. It feels like this and is durable probably due to this. You have to be actually really really hard to actually get inside. Hole is amazingly stretchy and feels really tight as other says. As for a feel, it gives tough hard stimulation on the members head due to ribs it has at tunnels end. You also get some suction action after a while. So you basically get a hard rub on your head, which to me is not particularly pleasurable and gets me to feel ''too fast too much'' feel. Hole feels as you'd be having some upgraded ''death grip'' masturbation, where you grip your friends head with your fist as you'd like to choke it to the death. If you like this kind of masturbation, this hole is a win. If you like session with good building up orgasm, this hole then is not for you as stimulation will be to hard and too unpleasant. I use it rarely, as ''death grip'' just rarely feels lie a good choice for me.

by rams September 21, 2017
Best Value for Beginners IMO

It broke down after a month of heavy use, but it was definitely worth it. My favorite part is how it makes a lewd kissing sound when you slide it off because of it being so tight. I'm not very well endowed by still managed to push this loli to it's limit. Excellent, however be wary of overworking the poor girl.

by Takeya August 9, 2017
Very durable for its price, great value

The onahole itself seems to be built very well and will potentially last a long time based on how it feels alone and the stimulation is quite strong with such a simple design. Highly recommended as a beginner onahole.

by Aoyatan July 24, 2017

This is an awesome tight onahole, Maybe a bit on the smaller size though... But still awesome for the price.

by Jawn July 16, 2017
Me likey

Very nice material and excellent for the price. This is more for someone who just started or just a very good onahole for a cheap price.

by Leon March 23, 2017
A nice side hole

The material is very soft but it can be uncomfortably tight, and I'm on the small side. The tightness is a nice change in sensation from other holes so it's a good one to have on hand to mix things up. I wouldn't want this to be the only hole I had.

by Aye March 18, 2017

This onahole has alot of good reviews but personally it's just not one of my favorites. I might've just gotten unlucky but it tore within 3 months and is too small.

by Ace February 7, 2017
A must buy

I love it by the cover of the box, the art work.

The sensation of the product are much different from those that I have bouht before, this onahole pushes you backward for another go, thats what a special design is.

I wanted to purchase the graduate version as well in future.

by BakaPudding December 29, 2016
Sturdy, yet lots of stimulation.

I'd like to preface this by saying it's not as tight as you may think. Now I'm average size (5~ inches) with average girth, but I've tried tighter Onaholes. That being said, it still definitely falls towards the tighter category, but I'd say this Onahole stands out more for the stimulation. The bumps and ridges on the inside are very rigorous and offer lots of intense sensation.

It's a bit on the shorter side so you wont' be able to reach all the way without stretching it or unless you're a little below average. Doesn't take away the pleasure though. Just a suggestion, I'd recommend not putting in TOO much lube or it may take away the sensation, just a tad bit will be enough.

Lastly, not sure if the material is different from what I've used before, but it's a lot more sturdier, which is nice, but gives up the stretchy, squishy feeling some other onaholes may offer.

Overall, for the price though you can't go wrong with this one. Just know that there are much tighter onaholes in the market for a similar price range if that's what you're looking for. (Of course without squishing your johnson into pieces.)

by Pera December 8, 2016
good price & quality

this onahole is very tight , it stimulates the head more than the shaft
been using it a while and it shows no marks of breaking/ripping what-so-ever

by Anon November 9, 2016
Tightly sucking

This hole is so tight and feels so good gripping your head. Hard to use for a long time because of the intense sensations but this is a great little hole for the price. Good feeling material and is easy to clean and hide.

by Robert November 6, 2016

This is tight! If you don't need your whole shaft being covered to feel good, this is it, as it rubs your glans intensely enough. As it is a bit short indeed, please remember to threat your girl gently: she isn't used to hard sex ;-).
My opinion is, that you easily can have less fun for more money, so I can absolutely recommend to buy this item.

by Nick October 26, 2016
Brutal loli hole

This hole lives up to its reputation as a brutal head grinding hole. You will cum fast, hard just from glans stimulation alone. And... don't try this hole if you're longer than 5", you will punch a hole through this loli or will just be in alot of pain trying to ram this loli all the way because it will try to strangle your glans

by Tim August 27, 2016
One of my Favorites

I had my hole for three months, using it about 3 times a week. No tears on the entrance nor signs of degrading material. The material is tacky, slightly sticky enough to pick up hair and dust particles. It feels amazing. As you see in the pictures the tunnel becomes more narrow the deep you go. This provides great stimulation to the head. The only con I could think of is the size.

by Tirion June 9, 2016
Quality Onahole

A relatively small, tight onahole which provides a satisfying amount of stimulation. Might be too small for those who are more well-endowed, but I don't think that it'll disappoint either way due to its tightness. The material which it is somewhat rougher-than-average (just a note, I don't think it really affects its overall quality positively or negatively). Great for the price, I think. Probably one of the higher-end onaholes by Toysheart.

- Tight, somewhat small
- Made of somewhat rougher material
- Above-average stimulation
- Great price

by EGOIST May 20, 2016
Really tight and satisfying

I really like this product.
It's really tight and you feel a pleasant pressure.
Sadly it's a little bit small.
However...give it a try!

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