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Puni Ana DX Hard Edition

Hip Onahole by EXE
$135.36 $109.76 Save $25.60
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Product Type: Hip Onahole, Virgin Onahole

Large Hip Virgin male masturbator

A hard and incredibly durable edition of the famous Puni Ana onahole series. Based on the cute tanned girl on the boxart, the Puni Ana DX Hard Edition onahole perfectly captures her beautiful body. It includes a vaginal and anal hole with their own unique tunnel designs to stimulate you to the max. Perfect for use in any position you can dream of, this lolita babe has ample butt cheeks to grasp onto and really go wild. Easy to clean and built to last (hence the Hard Edition part!) Puni Ana DX Hard Edition also includes a bottle of lube and a special CD with hentai images of the cover girl. A wonderful choice of hip onahole, EXE Japan did a fantastic job.

The Puni Ana DX Hard Edition onahole from Exe features
  • Virgin male sex toy
  • large Hip and the Hard Edition of the original Puni Ana DX
  • comes with a CD with super sexy Hentai images on it
  • two Holes for penetration
  • onahole weight about 2400 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 220x210mm
  • comes with a small bottle of lotion


13 Customer Reviews for Puni Ana DX Hard Edition

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by dudufung September 19, 2020

I can get why some will like it, but for me it's troublesome to wash, low stimulation, pricy. Even 2 holes can't save it. Get 3 nice onaholes, or maybe try other hips. I have Ikappara and like it still today. Altho it seems that it is out of stock here.

by A February 20, 2020
Definitely Worth It

Perhaps just a little on the pricey side, but my god. Used it twice within ten minutes because it was so good and wanted to use both holes. I like the weight that it has and the depth of the channels is great for a guy with decent length. The draining channel is great for an easy clean-up. Overall this is a great product that I would recommend to anyone.

by pk October 25, 2019
slightly overrated

this is nice but the stimulation from each hole isnt great and the hard material i think isnt as fun as a slightly 'squishier' version would be. i think there are better onahole options but if you are set on a hip this is still good.

by anonymouse January 21, 2019
Great Hip for awesome value!~

Trust these reviews, The hard edition is simply amazing! I just got mine today and it has a nice weight to it. And also it is beautifully made. The details of its curved sculpture is simply stunning. Easy to wash as well. Just use a microfibre cloth to dry. The Box art was also so lovely. All in all, a great one to start with!

P.S , I wasn't planning to gave a review but after the first time. I decided that everyone should know how great it was! And also otonaJP gave me a mini-cola candy with my purchase :) Thanks!

by CC September 9, 2018
pretty good

This is my first hip and I have been looking through the reviews before settling on this.

The quality is there however the stimulation isn't as great as smaller onaholes out there.

The advantage of this would be the weight and the firmness of the onahole. It is sturdy enough for you to grab and slap the cheeks. The flush hole is a good idea as it makes it easier to clean.

Overall, I feel the price point could be a bit lower.

by Kinnikuman August 27, 2018

What can we all say about this BEAUTY?!
This tight and innocent loli comes nice and ready to give you nothing more than pleasure on your dick.
Do not insert more lube than necessary! Trust me on this, as your pre-cum juices will keep overflowing endlessly so much that they will act as the perfect lube.
The pussy might be a little difficult to pound at first, as the curves are somewhat tricky, but once you get yourself in you can't help but release a sigh of pleasure and an electric shock on your dick.
The butthole is tight! but could be a bit boring compared to the structure of the pussy.
If you are long enough you can even poke your glans outside of the flushing hole, and have some kind of extra stimulation with a different toy!

PROTIP: If there's a hole, there's a way
Try pounding her FROM the flushing hole!
The stimulation is so good when you fuck her reverse-style, and it will look funny once your glans peeks from the entrance of her pussy or butthole, but that's yet another arousing sensation!

This is a MUST BUY! You cannot complete your sex life without this tight loli hole begging for you to plug her!

by K August 9, 2018

Weird smell of the product is a bit off putting but I'm sure it will go away over time. Feels pretty good, not very stimulating, but enough to get you off.

by mowmow November 15, 2017
the "dx" must literally mean "dakisex"

The sculpt, the design, and the feeling of this hip is absolutely superb. Full, heavy, and begging to get rekt while taking the beating. I have used cheaper knockoff hips in the past for strap on practice, but they hold no candle to this hip, honestly within the first day I can't leave it alone.
The big, round buttcheeks are endlessly fun to grope and use in so many positions!
I am sorry muraku, for not believing the hype. I do now.
PROTIP: Puniana DX's hip size is 42cm - too small for any normal scented panty you can buy. XS or size 3-4 children's panty fit pretty well if you can get over feeling Chris Hansen's glower (I bought them privately on amazon)
Nothing more perfectly sized for daki sex...just have a soft towel.

by A Loli Lover October 20, 2017
Fantastic Product, Fantastic Service!

This is the first toy that I have ever bought from https://www.otonajp.com/ and is probably the best thing I have ever used. The shipping was relatively fast, and the folks that shipped it made sure that my requests were followed to EXACT specifications (writing something other than "Puni Ana DX Hard Edition" or "Loli Sex Toy"). The toy price is not unreasonable, but the shipping (to the US) cost more than the toy itself (about $90)! However, if you ARE willing to pay the price, get ready for one of the best sexual experiences you could possibly have.

The toy itself is rather large, but is pretty in-line with the torso size of a fairly small-framed girl (around 4-6 years old, I would say). The pussy entrance is cute and inviting, and there is even an "inside" area before penetration! It is somewhat heavy, which means she can ride pretty well, and you can let gravity do most of the work. I have enjoyed her profusely, and she is so good that I can sometimes go 4 times in a row! The anus is okay, but it does not have as much "grip" as the pussy.

Cleaning her can be a little cumbersome, but does not take more than about five minutes. Letting lukewarm water run into the pussy for a couple of minutes will usually clear out most of the fresh "residue". The anus is easier to clean, however--just flush it out, and it runs out of the hole in the top. Make sure to dry her off well, and store her back in her box, or someplace safe.

I would give this product a solid 10 out of 10. It looks cute, feel great, and is probably the closest thing you could get to making love to a REAL loli (Without going to jail). xD

Also, if I may say so, this video will definitely help your experience if you are not using visual material, and are just using her with your eyes closed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCzWXmPUv-w

by eric September 24, 2017
Puni Ana Hard

i have a bunch of holes and based on experience the bigger the better and this one fits that bill its decent in size.

over all this one is my current fav the holes are both good and its nice and durable i've torn many of my holes in the past and this one holds up really well even if you go "hard"

the 2 layer Front makes for quite a good experience for your first time use it might shock and awe you
the hole on the back is a much more smooth feel to it so maybe use a thicker lube but otherwise feels great

having the hole at the end of it makes cleaning it much easier so over all a great one to get

by Kris December 13, 2016
Best hip onahole for a cheap price

This onahole is so realistic I couldn't believe how real it looked. It's also very big so if you live with others be careful. This product is also very sturdy so it's ok to go rough on it. Both holes of this onahole are perfect and what's even better is that it's easy to clean! I would recommend this for anyone who would like a long lasting onahole.

by Mr. Hentai October 13, 2016
Best hip onahole for best price

If you are searching for a hip onahole this for you, the price is the lowest you can find on internet, the item ships worlwide and is fast.

The onahole with the extra weight is worth it makes more realistic, the insides are excellent and the best is the hardness pour more pressure so you can feel the insides better. The material and quality are excellent so you can be a little tough using it.
Cleaning the onahole is easy but make sure you're alone because it is necessary to clean the onahole after using it.
If you don't live alone be careful because the box is pretty big even the onahole is big

by jason May 24, 2016
Perfect starter hip for the price! Amazing

Thanks to Otonajp, i got my item in 3 days!

The hip is big enough for you to grope the ass cheeks, slap them, and do whatever you want with them. And don't worry about being rough, this thing is sturdy. The holes feel really good too, and the flush hole makes cleaning the hip a breeze, although in long sessions, use a towel since lube and manjuice can leak from the other side. The smell wears off really quickly so no worries.

The best part of this hip is the flexibility it gives. You can go to poundtown in any position, but i prefer the doggy (butt up). I highly recommend this purchase and the shipping is fast!

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