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by Toys Heart
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Cyber Hentai Girl themed Male masturbator
Maker Toys Heart

Even though there are so many Cyber and Cyberpunk themed Anime and Hentai Anime, there are defiantly too few Onaholes that are themed this way. Toys Heart has heard your desire and developed the Jinkoukakusei Onahole. Made with the ultra stretchable Safe Skin material which has been self developed by Toys Heart, has the Jinkoukakusei Onahole its most qualities on the inside. After passing its tight entrance is it awaiting you with a thick textured tunnel that gives a quite strong and intense stimulation on your whole member. It feels like the Jinkoukakusei tries to suck you in and is not planning on letting you out anytime before it collected all your love juice with its strong finishing vacuum. Comes with a small pouch of lube included.

The Jinkoukakusei male sex toy by Toys Heart features

  • High Quality Adult Toy from Japan
  • Cyber Hentai themed Onahole
  • intense stimulation with a strong vacuum
  • made with their original Safe Skin material
  • Onahole weight about 394 Grams / Dimensions approx. 130x90mm
  • comes with a small pouch of lubricant

User Reviews

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  • | 1/29/2024

    Highly stimulating

    This toy is small, but got insane amounts of stimulation. Aaaall the bumps inside her can be felt, and they feel very nice

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  • | 12/8/2022

    Great for those into submission or get distracted easily

    This one is very special to me. I wish I did not sleep on buying it for so long. The stimulation and vacuum is very intense even without stroking. I found it impossible to soften up no matter how mentally distracted I got. I did not think I could feel so dominated in solo play with just a sleeve. I would also recommend it for playing with a friend. I have tried many onahole products and this one is the most special to me even outside of Toys Heart.` I think at the current discounted price it is incredible value. I would be sad if this one is ever discontinued.

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