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Ju-C 6 Triple Ijiwaru Pure

"Ju-C 6 Triple Ijiwaru Pure" by G Project

the famous Ju-C pocket pussy series
  • Maker: G Project
  • Sku: Ju-C[ジューシー]6 とりぷる意地悪ぷれ~と
Ju-C 6 Triple Ijiwaru Pure
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It is here, entry number 6 in the popular Ju-C onahole series and this one really is special. Made of clear semi see through material, the Ju-C 6 Triple Ijiwaru Pure onahole has three long and triangle shaped pipes in it which are applying pressure on your member the more you squeeze the Ju-C 6. The subtitle Ijiwaru can be translated into "teasing", which perfectly fits as these Triple pipes really teasing and working your member hard. After you made it past them, a small spiral is awaiting you, preparing your member to be dried out completely before pushing into the final vacuum chamber which will make you cum ultra hard. G-Project's original momochi material feels awesome on your skin and is known for its durability. To get started right away, the Ju-C 6 Triple Ijiwaru Pure male masturbator includes a small pack of lube by PePee which is good for 1-2 uses.

The Ju-C 6 Triple Ijiwaru Pure male sex toy by G-Project features
  • genuine high quality adult toy from Japan
  • entry number 6 in the popular Ju-C pocket pussy series
  • made with G-Project's original momochi material
  • weight of this onahole about 285 Grams
  • size of this onahole approx. 160x55mm
  • comes with a small pack of PePee lube

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