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Hip Onahole by Ruby
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This huge and realistic hip was made by Ruby for all you mature lovers out there. A butt with two hyper realistic holes as only a mature women can have it. Comes with sexy underwear as can be seen on the photos.

Comes with an exciting DVD.

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 September 28
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 7200 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 180x315x275mm

Maker: RubyProduct Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 3/2/2021

    Big and pricey, but very worth it!

    I live in Australia so the price was very high for me, but it is extremely worth it! I have drooled over owning this RUBY for many years and love it! The only thing is that it is very very large and carrying this was tough. It also has an air hole which I don't enjoy Onaholes with air release holes so if anyone doesn't like them either heads up.

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  • | 12/31/2017

    I think I got a dud :-(

    I purchased the Kazushiri because the "Virgin Love" which is a similar Meiki hip with the same design was sold out and not being restocked and I had previously purchased the "Wet Meiki Kiwami" but found it to be too stiff/hard so I didnt want to purchase that hip agian. The Kazushiri has an amazing looking picture on the outside of the box with a HUGE butt on one side that looks like it was scanned in HD picture quality and the back of a busty Asian porn star on another side of the outside of the box, the pictures look good enough to frame up in a picture frame on the wall or laminate to fap to without getting the pictures dirty. The Kazushiri came with 2 movie DVD's but they both came in some cloth sleeves that allowed dust to get on the play side of the disc and the play side to get scratched, I was really disappointed that the movie DVD's didnt come in a DVD case to protect the disc from damage or dust. The Kazushiri toy itself is really soft (similar in softness to Fuwatoro toys but alot more firm) and the tunnels are very soft but firm in the sense that they hold their shape very well, its even softer than the Virgin Love which was my previous favorite hip toy with this Meiki hip design. Now that we said all the good stuff there was one pretty big negative and the reason why I labeled the title "I think I got a dud :-(" the reason was because a month after ownership while I was washing it with warm water in the tub it suddenly opened a 2-3 inch tear in one of the butt cheeks close to the Vagina and Anus holes and I had only been using this toy 2 times a week for 4 weeks at the time that it developed this tear in the butt cheek. The tear in the butt cheek was something that had never happend to me before with the other Meiki hip toys and I had washed them with warm water as well its probably due to the softer rubber that this toy is made from compared to the others but I would suggest using cold water to wash it instead of warm water just to be on the safe side. One other important note about this toy is that while the pictures dont show a drain hole in the top it does come with a drain hole in the top to let air escape and to drain fluids like all the other Meiki hips with the same design. Pros --------------- + Very soft, it has Fuwatoro level of softness while still holding its shape like a regular toy. + The art on the outside of the box is awesome! it looks HD quality and its very sexy. + It comes with 2 porn DVD's + It has a drain hole in the top like all the other Meiki hips. + It doesnt have a foam core like some of the big toys coming out now that use foam to cut costs (reducing the amount of rubber in the toy) but the foam cores usually end up getting soaked when washing and you have to throw the whole toy away but this toy is 100% rubber without a foam core. Cons --------------- - The Kazushiri developed a 2-3 inch tear in one of the butt cheeks close to the Vagina and Anus holes while I was washing it in the tub with warm water, I had only used it 2 times a week for 4 weeks at the time that the tear occured. - The two porn DVD's it comes with came in cloth sleeves that had dust all over the play side and scratches when I received them instead of coming inside of a paper sleeve or a DVD case to protect the disc. Conclusion --------------- I dont know if I would be willing to try the Kazushiri agian after the tunnels become dull and I need to replace it or if I will go with the Wet Meiki Kiwami or Virgin Love next time (if the Virgin Love ever comes back in stock) because while I do love this toy, the softness, the art on the box, and the DVD's it came with paying ¥27,450+ and international shipping on a toy then having it develop a tear 4 weeks after ownership is a big letdown and its the first time I had a butt cheek tear in any Meiki toy ive owned. The porn DVD's dont really seem worth the extra price if they dont come with good protection against scratches and dust so the only things that I find are worth the extra premium over the Wet Meiki Kiwami is the art on the outside of the box for the Kazushiri and the softness of the toy but im not sure im willing to risk durability for extra softness when buying such an expensive toy you want to get your money's worth.

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