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Kuu Doll 2

by G Project
(appx. 48.37 )
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Hug her, play with her, dress her up or do whatever you like. The possibilities are endless with the Kuu Doll from G Project.
*Onahole is not included

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 September 20
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 408 Grams
Produst Dimensions: approx. 150cm height - Bust Size 72cm / Waist 60cm


1 Customer Reviews for Kuu Doll 2

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by Maxentirunos June 6, 2018
Not what is expected

Don't buy this air doll. While it can be sexy and attractive to have an air doll with feet in this position, its limit the position you can take with it as the ONLY one you can see in the image.
Don't even try to lean on it on a bed as the material is not resistant enough to resist even 65kg weight on it without the air part tearing on the places it was merged together, particularly the 'around the pussy' part.
What about the position possible, would you ask me? Well, the trickiest part is that this position play with the weight of the girl sitting on your dick to bring it even deeper inside but... And I think you already get it... This is a air doll, something used more for the form than for something like an hand-free masturbation. There is no weight to play with.

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