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Limited Edition - Tororin Oppai Warabichichi

Breast Toy by Hot Powers
Get US$12.69 Cashback Ships within 2-4 months
Please note that the waiting time for the Limited Edition - Tororin Oppai Warabichichi is 6 or more months at the moment. Once placed, orders can not be cancelled anymore.
Maker Hot PowersMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularProduct Weight 7000g (15.43lbs) Release Dec 5, 2022Product Type Breast Toy

User Reviews

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  • | 3/1/2024


    Honestly very massive. I had no idea what i was buying until I found a video online. The material it's made out of is probably as close as you're going to get to actual slimegirl tits. When they're pressed together they kind of just mesh like a real slimegirl likely would. Honestly it blows chichi fueta rocket out of the water. Highly recommend.

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  • | 9/14/2023

    It is what it is

    Well, it is what it is therefor i can't say much bad about the product itself. But I have to give a fair warning. Basically, lifting this thing is like trying to lift 7kg of jelly. Just getting it out of the box is a real task if you are not well trained and don't have hulk sized hands. Because the whole thing is just a huge piece silicone it is impossible to get a real grab on it and it WILL try to flee to every side you don't grab on. Using it will at least replace your gym routine, there again, due to it's sheer size and weight. The texture is prone to be sticky, so it will get dirty very quickly. I recommend this mostly for people who are: min. 180 cm tall, can lift a small car, have basketball sized hands. If non of this describes you, good luck.

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