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by maccos Japan
(appx. 41.81 )
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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 755 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 170x85x80mm


2 Customer Reviews for FULL SWING

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by Chu! July 12, 2019
A weighty and fun onahole

Nice packaging made from thicker cardboard, the art is a nice parody of baseball.

Weightier than other onaholes this feels weighty and not likely to tear.

Build up takes a bit longer than other onahole due to the spiral dot approach but a satisfying buildup.

I would recommend buying additional lotion, perhaps the pxp one as it only comes with a small sufficient.

Overall though a nice weighty onahole at an accessible price point.

by W December 16, 2018
Fairly tight, but not overbearing. It's good.

Full Swing is very thick and fairly heavy. The size is comparable to the Lolinco Virgo. The size accommodates guys who are average or above average in length; about 5.5 inch/14 cm or larger. I'm around 7 in/17 cm.

The internal texture is basically spirals and dots. Most of the sensation comes from the spiral texture while the dots complement the feeling. The manufacture recommends twisting it while stoking to get a more pronounced feeling. It feels good, and you start to feel more the closer you are to busting a nut, but I wish the dots were more noticeable.

Cleaning can be a bit annoying due to the folds of the spirals, and a tiny uterus at the end that I didn't even notice until actually cleaning it, so be extra careful you don't leave any wet spots.

Overall it's a good product, and its still fairly cheap for a hole for larger dicks, even though it is a bit more expensive than its Cockfit sisters.

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