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Mamma Mia

Hip Onahole by YELOLAB
Simulation Vaginal
Fantasy Mature
Hole Design Closed Hole Type
Material Construction Double Layer
Usability Reusable
Material Firmness Regular
Number of Holes 2
Product Weight 8000g / 17.64lbs
Length/Height 300mm / 11.81in
Width 280mm / 11.02in
Depth 230mm / 9.06in
Lotion included Yes
Release 2020
Product Type Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/6/2021

    Happy overall

    This is relatively strong and the weight is about right, not too heavy. After a few weeks, it has stayed intact and there is only minor peeling of the TPE skin, but this has occurred in unimportant areas. The feeling is satisfactory, could be better if the transition between the two types of TPE, the pink and red, was made continuous. There is a chemical smell that doesn't go away with time, more than the products from G-Project, but still manageable.

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  • | 3/18/2021


    For me, this may be very nearly if not a perfect size hip in terms of satisfaction, ease of use, cleaning, and storage. It's big, but not ridiculous. It's a bit heavy but not that hard to carry around. The tunnels are deep enough that it can accommodate pretty much anybody, but is not so deep that it's hard to clean it without tools. The vaginal tunnel is on the softer side and feels smooth and melty. It's not very tight, so if you prefer something that will beat the crap out of your wedding veg like a lolinco, this might not be for you, but for me, it has great stimulation, slow or fast, and have no complaints. The anal tunnel is so-so. It's enjoyable, seems a bit tighter, but not really anything to write home about. While the tunnels are important, I think with sized hips like this it's more about the experience, and overall I think this delivers a tremendous experience. It has an excellent sculpt all around, looks good and usable in pretty much all angles. It has a satisfying weight and sensation as it sits on you forwards or backwards. The material feels soft, slightly jiggly and not sticky or tacky. Didn't really notice any weird smells if there was any at all. I believe this can satisfy both experienced and first timer hip owners. A few downsides is there is a small deadzone between the vaginal entrance and actual tunnel entrance, and coming at a weird angle you might miss the tunnel and get "trapped" in that area. Shipping costs is pretty rough, and cleaning is a bit of an event, but really that's with all large scale items.

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