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My Neighbor Girl

by Toys Heart
(appx. 32.16 )
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Available on otonaJP since: 2017 July 3
Product Weight (without the package): 230 Grams
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2 Customer Reviews for My Neighbor Girl

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by Kappa123 December 20, 2018
Another Decent Onahole from ToysHeart below 2500 yen

+ Under 2500 yen
+ Relatively long onahole - suitable for average - above average dicks
+ Doesn't feel sticky on the outside
+ Good box art
+ The onahole's swirling design is very unique. It makes it very extremely tight, but oh boy, when you spin it around as you go up and down, it feels so good.

- I feel that the onahole is super tight - If you don't have a lot of lube, your dick won't feel good, so I recommend a lot of lube when using this onahole.
- May be a bit difficult to clean and dry.
- If you are not careful, you may penetrate the end of the onahole. That's what happened to me after a few uses of it, and I had to solder that little hole together. (So be careful, don't be too rough)

Summary (Would Recommend):
Overall, this is a decent onahole from ToysHeart. It has a unique swirling design, which I found surprisingly stimulating. However, you may need to use a lot of lube for this onahole since a lack of lube will not allow you to penetrate this onahole. If you don't have enough, your dick will hurt A LOT.

by JasonB October 22, 2017
Another Great Item

This Onahole is different as in a swirling around raised bumps lines and the suction is high on this one it will not want to let go!

Great Buy, Good on price

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