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OFFPAKO! - After the event

Hentai Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Tight Hentai themed pocket pussy

The OFFPAKO! - After The Event Onahole is a hentai masturbator by Toys Heart. Based on a cock-hungry sexy young woman, this male masturbator features a 3D, winding inner tunnel that consists of a series of bumps, nubs and ridges designed to provide a high stimulation to your shaft as you penetrate it. At the end of the tunnel, there is a small womb-like chamber that also helps to create a vacuum effect which further adds to the sensations provided to your member. As often is the case with Toys Heart artwork, the box features a sexy young woman with big breasts and a curvaceous figure who is eagerly awaiting your length. The box says 'kimochi' which means 'it feels good' in Japanese - a perfect term to describe the sensations provided to your penis by this marvellous pocket pussy.

The OFFPAKO! - After the event male sex toy by Toys Heart features
  • Hentai Pocket Pussy by one of the most well known makers in Japan
  • featuring a 3D winding inner tunnel
  • durable single layer structure
  • Onahole weight about 253 Grams / Dimensions 150x65mm
  • comes with a complimentary pack of lube


1 Customer Reviews for OFFPAKO! - After the event

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by j. August 23, 2020
Simple but very satisfying

Let me preface by saying I don't have much experience with onaholes - in fact this is only my second one - so keep in mind that this review is written from point of view of an amateur.

First onahole I've ever bought I did so impulsively, mostly because it was cheap, and, although it got the deed done, it was neither high quality nor more pleasureable than using my hand while being considerably more inconvenient. Since then I've been quite sceptical about onaholes in general, but when I saw this one, it's price (got it for around 17 USD w/o shipping) and it's cross section I was instantly intrigued and decided to treat myself to something of higher quality. The material it's made of is very soft and pleasurable to touch, quite durable too - my penis is apparently slightly longer and more girthy than the average, moreso by asian standards I suppose, and I was worried the toy would break during our first session. Fortunately it did not, albeit in my opinion it could use a slightly larger opening, penetrating it without precisely guiding my penis' head by hand has proven to be quite difficult and frustrating, especially during more heated moments. The material is stretchy enough that toy doesn't try slide off my penis by itself when I'm not holding it, and you can tell your dick is about to pop out of it without looking when you feel those two bumps near the beginning of it on it's head - quite convenient! The interior design is rather simple compared to more expensive toys but I enjoy it very much. Each "section" has distinct features: the first is pretty standard, it's slightly tapered which keeps most of the lube in but it's nothing to write home about; those two bumps in the next section (I mentioned them previously) are, in my opinion, the best part of toy's interior. They feel absolutely fantastic, especially with thicker lubes. The only disadvantage is that they are short - I'd very much like if there were second set of these bumps, for example in those chambers at the end or in front of them; middle section feels very nice too, the bend in the middle is perceivable and you can make it feel slightly different by rotating the toy; the "final" part (those two chambers at the end) is quite disappointing and is the weakest part of this onahole. My penis "visits" it quite often and it feel really boring - could use some variety there. It's supposed to help create vacuum effect but I do not think it helps that much, and the smaller one makes washing the toy slightly more tedious (it is still very simple anyway - interior is not complicated enough to warrant turning it inside out). The vacuum effect itself is pretty nice, I do not have much comparison though to say anything else about it. The complimentary lube is decent, I suppose? It's too runny for my liking and tissues do not absorb it well, making it quite difficult to clean myself after cumming. It is quite "smooth" though, for lack of better word, well suited for rapid strokes/thrusts. I definitely wouldn't replace my preferred lube with it but it gets the job done.

Overall I think it's a great pick for a beginner. I'd say it's quite balanced, suited both for quick and long sessions, despite description saying it's tight. Although I do think using it for only 5 minutes or so is a blasphemy and a waste of lube since it feels soo good, it's basically made for longer, slower but still intense sessions with more "edging". The longest I played with it in various positions was for around 25-30 minutes without breaks, really great and satisfying experience, I was never sweating that much while masturbating lol. I give 4 out of 5 for quality because mold parting line is visible and pronounced, and there's a very minor tear on my toy along it (fortunately it does not seem to be expanding after couple of uses). It is a budget toy after all. Despite that, would I buy it again though if I didn't want to spend more on an onahole? Hell yeah.

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