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Pero Rix Vanilla Vacuum Soft Type

Soft Onahole by maccos Japan
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Product Type: Soft Onahole

Is it Ice Cream or an Onahole?

If you want your sexual needs fulfilled in the hot summer months, look no further than this amazing ice cream-themed onahole by maccos Japan. The Pero Rix Vanilla Vacuum Soft Type is the 'soft type' version offering a softer sensation with its squishy materials and snug inner tunnel made up of a meandering tube veiled in an assortment of nubs and folds that protrude from every angle. The build quality of this toy is superb with non-sticky, odourless and durable materials used to ensure it will satisfy you more than just physically. Leave your creamy vanilla in this tight ice cream shaped anime pussy.

The Pero Rix Vanilla Vacuum Soft Type Onahole Features:
  • Ice Cream-Themed Male Masturbator by maccos Japan
  • Soft Type
  • Stimulating Inner Tunnel
  • Dual-Layer Structure
  • Complimentary Lubricant Included
  • Dimensions: 155 x 78 mm


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